ARCHIVED - Concentrations (Bq/Kg) of radionuclides in foods from Total Diet Study in Vancouver, 2002

Code Description Concentration (Bq/Kg)
Cs-137 activity Cs-134 activity I-131 activity Am-241 activity
AA01 Milk, whole <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA02 Milk, 2% <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA03 Milk, 1% <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA04 Milk, skim <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA05 Evaporated milk, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA06 Cream <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA07 Ice cream <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA08 Yogurt <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA09 Cheese <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA10 Cheese, cottage <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA11 Cheese, processed <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
AA12 Butter <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB01 Beef, steak <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB02 Beef, roast <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB03 Beef, ground <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB04 Pork, fresh <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB05 Pork, cured <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB06 Veal, cutlets <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB08 Luncheon meats, cold cuts <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB09 Luncheon meats, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB10 Organ meats <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
BB11 Wieners and sausages <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
CC02 Poultry, chicken and turkey <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
CC03 Poultry, liver pate <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
DD01 Fish, marine <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
DD02 Fish, fresh water <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
DD03 Fish, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
DD04 Shellfish <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
EE01 Soups, meat, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
EE02 Soups, creamed, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
EE03 Soups, broth, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
EE04 Soups, dehydrated <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF01 Bread, white <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF02 Bread, whole wheat <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF03 Bread, rye <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF05 Cereal, cooked wheat <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF06 Cereal, corn <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF07 Cereal, oatmeal <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF08 Cereals, rice and bran <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF09 Cookies <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF10 Crackers <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF11 Danish, donuts and croissants <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF12 Flour, white (wheat) <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF14 Muffins <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF15 Pancakes and waffles <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF16 Pasta, mixed dishes <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF17 Pasta, plain <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF18 Pie, apple <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF19 Pie, other <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF21 Buns and rolls <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
FF22 Breads, other <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG01 Baked beans, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG02 Beans, string <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG03 Beets <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG04 Broccoli <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG05 Cabbage <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG06 Carrots <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG07 Cauliflower <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG08 Celery <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG10 Cucumbers <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG11 Lettuce <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG12 Mushrooms <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG13 Onions <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG15 Peppers <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG16 Potatoes <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG17 Potatoes, chips <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG18 Rutabagas <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG19 Vegetable juice, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG20 Tomatoes <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
GG21 Tomatoes, canned and tomato sauce, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH01 Apple juice, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH02 Applesauce, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH03 Apples, raw <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH04 Bananas <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH05 Blueberries <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH06 Cherries <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH07 Citrus fruit, raw <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH08 Citrus juice, frozen <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH09 Citrus juice, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH10 Grape juice, bottled <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH11 Grapes <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH12 Melons <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH13 Peaches <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH14 Pears <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH15 Pineapple, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH16 Plums and prunes <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH17 Raisins <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH18 Raspberries <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH19 Strawberries <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
HH20 Kiwi fruit <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
II01 Cooking fats and salad oils <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
II02 Margarine <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
II04 Mayonnaise <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ01 Chocolate bars <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ02 Candy <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ03 Gelatin dessert <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ04 Honey, bottled <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ07 Peanut butter <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ08 Puddings <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ09 Sugar, white <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ10 Syrup <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ11 Seeds, shelled <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
JJ13 Chewing gum <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
KK01 Alcoholic drinks, beer <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
KK02 Alcoholic drinks, wine <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
KK04 Coffee <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
KK05 Soft drinks, canned <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
LL01 Cereals, mixed <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
LL02 Desserts <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
LL03 Dinners, cereal + vegetable + meat <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
LL04 Dinners, meat or poultry + vegetable <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
LL05 Formulae, milk base <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
LL06 Formulae, soya base <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
LL07 Fruit, apple or peach <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
LL08 Meat, poultry or eggs <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
LL09 Vegetables, peas <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
MM01 Popcorn, microwave <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
MM02 Frozen entrees <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
NN01 Pizza <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
NN02 French fries <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
NN03 Hamburger <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
NN04 Chicken burger <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
NN05 Hot dog <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
NN06 Chicken, nuggets <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
PP01 Condiments <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
PP03 Baking powder <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
PP04 Yeast <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
PP05 Vanilla extract <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
PP06 Herbs and spices <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
PP07 Soya sauce <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
PP08 Tap water, kitchen <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC
PP09 Tap water, sample area <MDC <MDC <MDC <MDC

Samples analyzed by non-destructive high resolution gamma spectroscopy
MDC = Minimum Detectable Concentration
Typical MDC is 2 Bq/Kg for a 120 g sample at time of count
CODEX Limits for Cs-134, Cs-137 and I-131 are 1000 Bq/Kg for general consumption, 10 Bq/Kg for Am-241

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