ARCHIVED - Concentrations (pg/g wet wt.) of total PCBs in fatty foods from Total Diet Study in Toronto, 1996

Food code Description Concentration (ppt)
A01 Milk, whole 304
A02 Milk, 2% 76
A03 Milk, 1% 40
A04 Milk, skim 0
A05 Evaporated milk, canned 310
A06 Cream, 10-12% BF 487
A07 Ice cream 446
A08 Yogurt 42
A09 Cheese 1159
A10 Cheese, cottage 212
A11 Cheese, processed, cheddar 890
A12 Butter 3102
B01 Beef, steak 589
B02 Beef, roast and stewing 445
B03 Beef, ground 1891
B04 Pork, fresh 1932
B05 Pork, cured 930
B06 Veal 733
B07 Lamb 280
B08 Cold cuts and luncheon meats 606
B09 Luncheon meats, canned 799
B10 Organ meats, liver and kidney 371
B11 Wieners 701
C01 Eggs 414
C02 Poultry, chicken and turkey 343
D01 Fish, marine, fresh or frozen 1734
D02 Fish, fresh water 6713
D03 Fish, canned 2416
D04 Shellfish, fresh or frozen 169
E01 Soups, meat, canned 161
E02 Soups, cream 159
I01 Cooking fats and salad oils 1022
I02 Margarine 922
L03 Dinners (cereal + vegetable + meat) 110
L04 Dinners (meat or poultry + vegetable) 299
L05 Formulae, milk base 16
L06 Formulae, soya base  
L08 Meat, poultry or eggs 328
M02 Frozen entrees (microwave or boil) 125
M03 Frozen entrees (microwave or boil) 127
M04 Frozen entrees (microwave or oven) 45
M05 Frozen entrees (microwave or oven) 79
M06 Frozen dinner, beef + veg + or -dessert 198
N01 Pizza 538
N02 French fries 341
N03 Hamburger 594
N04 Fish burger 374
N05 Chicken burger 383
N06 Hot dog 685
N07 Chicken (breaded, fried, nuggets) 781
N08 Egg breakfast on a bun 451
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