Healthy eating during the COVID-19 pandemic

You can eat a variety of healthy foods every day to feel good and maintain your health, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Healthy food choices

Healthy eating is a good habit to keep up or start during this time. Healthy food choices include:

Limit highly processed foods. If you choose them, eat them less often and in small amounts.

Healthy eating and the immune system

Although a healthy eating pattern is important for your overall health, there are no specific foods or supplements that can prevent you from catching COVID-19.

Learn more about what you can do to prevent coronavirus.

Food to buy during the COVID-19 pandemic

Many people are wondering what food items to buy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Buy healthy choices like:

Buy items that have a long shelf life to prevent food from spoiling.

Check the best before date. Best before dates give you information about the freshness and potential shelf life of the unopened food you are buying.

Learn more about how to read food date labels and packaging.

Healthy meal and snack ideas during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, your food options at home may be limited. Get creative with the items you have at home for meals, snacks and leftovers.

Adjusting recipes

Use ingredients you already have at home or change a recipe to use ingredients that are on sale. For example:

Healthy snack ideas

Try different snack combinations with what you have at home:

Find recipes online or learn more about healthy meal and snack ideas using staple ingredients.

Using leftovers

To save time on food preparation, use leftover ingredients to make a whole new meal. For example:

You can also freeze leftover cooked ingredients like vegetables, rice, pasta, chicken and beans to use at a later date.
Learn more about food safety tips for leftovers and proper food storage .


Healthy takeout during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ordering takeout may seem like an easy and appealing choice right now. Whether you pick up your food or have it delivered, remember that it is still important to make wise menu choices.

Choose healthy menu options

Whether you are ordering from fast food outlets or restaurants, foods served in these places may not have many vegetables, fruits or whole grain foods. They can also have a lot of:

Many fast food outlets and restaurants offer healthier menu options. Find out how items are prepared and if the nutrition information is available on the restaurant’s website.
Try these ideas to make your choices healthier:

Learn how to lower your risk of COVID-19 infection when you get takeout.

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