ARCHIVED - Labelling of Unpasteurized / Pasteurized Fruit Juice / Cider

Consultation on the proposed mandatory labelling of unpasteurized fruit juice/cider with a statement indicating the product is unpasteurized.

Health Canada is consulting stakeholders, as well as the general public, on the need for mandatory labelling of unpasteurized juice/cider, as well as its wording. Due to disease outbreaks from unpasteurized fruit juice/cider, the policy Managing Health Risk Associated with the Consumption of Unpasteurized Fruit Juice/Cider Products was put into place in July 2000. Its effectiveness was evaluated in 2000-2001 and 2001-2002 and it was found that 83% of Canadian households are unable to make an informed choice regarding unpasteurized juice/cider purchase or consumption. Both lack of knowledge of the risks of consuming unpasteurized fruit juice/cider and lack of mandatory labelling combined to undermine the goals of the policy. In response, Health Canada is proposing that labelling as unpasteurized become mandatory and that an enhanced education campaign be initiated.

All stakeholders are invited to provide feedback to eight questions found throughout the consultation document; results of this consultation will be summarized and posted on the Health Canada Web site when completed. The input received from this consultation will form the basis for drafting regulatory amendments to the Food and Drug Regulations, if it is decided to move forward with the proposed modifications.

Target Audience:
  • General public
  • Unpasteurized and pasteurized juice/cider industry
  • Seniors
  • Youth
  • Patient groups
  • Health professionals
  • Consumer groups
  • Governments such as municipal, federal/provincial/territorial
Type(s) of activity:

Consultation workbook -- mailout, online

Beginning: October 13, 2005
Closing: December 16, 2005
  • Food Directorate/Bureau of Microbial Hazards
  • Health Products and Food Branch/Health Canada
Contact Information:
Health Products and Food Branch, Unpasteurized juice/cider consultation re: Mandatory Labelling



Bureau of Microbial Hazards, Food Directorate, Health Canada
Sir F.G. Banting Research Centre, Tunney's Pasture, P/L 2203G3
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0L2





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