Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Programme - Reporting Of Results Of Delta-9 THC Testing Of Industrial Hemp Crop

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It is a requirement under Section 16 of the Industrial Hemp Regulations that a person who holds a licence to cultivate industrial hemp shall, in order to determine the concentration of THC in the hemp,

  1. have samples of the industrial hemp collected in accordance with the methods set out in the Manual; and
  2. have the samples tested at a competent laboratory using analytical procedures set out in the Manual.

and that the results of each laboratory test shall be submitted to the Minister within 15 days after the test, together with the name of the approved cultivar to which the test relates.

Since the cultivation licence holder is the person responsible for the crop, the test results should be submitted by the licencee or by someone acting under the direction or control of the person who holds the licence.

The original of the laboratory report is to be held at the place in Canada where the applicant will keep the records, books, electronic data or other documents that are required by these Regulations to be kept .

A copy of the laboratory report of the results of each laboratory test must be mailed or faxed to the Office of Controlled Substances (613) 941- 5360. The report must be accompanied by a separate completed THC Test Result Report - Cultivation form for each licence holder. Use of the form will ensure consistent information collection from all licence holders and will facilitate Health Canada's database entry and review of test results.

Although reports containing test results from multiple licence holders, make comparisons easier, individual reports are required. Privacy considerations do not allow for reports where results, for more than one licence holder, are reported on the same document, since this would require cross-filing of protected information.

It is important that the THC test results are submitted within the specified time frames, especially since the 1998 results will affect the selection of cultivars for the 1999 growing season.

Please be reminded that Section 9 (3) of the Industrial Hemp Regulations states that the Minister may refuse to issue a licence or authorization if the applicant has not complied with any provision of these Regulations or any condition set out in a previous licence or authorization.

Drug Strategy and Controlled Substances Programme



  • Name of Cultivation Licence Holder:
  • File Number:
  • Name of Authorized Sampler:
  • Name of Licensed THC Testing Laboratory:
  • Licence #
  • Approved Cultivar (Variety)
  • Sample I.D.
  • THC Test Result
  • Date Planted
  • Date Sampled
  • Laboratory Test Report Date
  • Comments:
  • Signature: Licence holder or authorized person acting under the direction or control of the licence holder
  • Date:

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