Natural health products good manufacturing practices inspections

Natural health products (NHP) made in Canada or abroad must meet safety and quality standards before they can be sold to people living in Canada. The Government of Canada licenses and monitors compliance of companies that make, package, label and import NHPs.

Until recently, the Government of Canada monitored compliance of NHP companies through proactive compliance monitoring projects, a paper-based licensing process and a complaint-based compliance verification process.

In March 2021, we launched a pilot NHP good manufacturing practices (GMP) inspection program. Inspections are a compliance and enforcement tool. We use this tool to assess if companies are following the requirements of applicable Acts (for example, the Food and Drugs Act) and their associated regulations. 

To learn more about the pilot NHP GMP inspection program, browse the results:

For a list of companies licensed to make, package, label and/or import NHPs, please see the List of site licence holders.

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