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How are children’s COVID-19 vaccines monitored for safety and side effects?


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  • Dr. Cora Constantinescu
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Dr. Cora Constantinescu: All vaccines approved in Canada are closely monitored for as long as they’re used.

The federal government works with the provinces and territories, but also with vaccine manufacturers and other countries where the same vaccine is given, to monitor the safety and the effectiveness of vaccines.

Canada also has a specific system to monitor the safety of vaccines for children. It’s called the Canadian Immunization Monitoring Program ACTive, also known as IMPACT, and it has been used to monitor childhood vaccinations for more than 20 years.

This continued monitoring works to quickly identify potential safety concerns so that the appropriate action can be taken if needed.

If you’re unsure or you have questions about your child getting vaccinated, I encourage you to speak with your health care provider.

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