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About this evaluation

This evaluation was performed on January 25, 2018 with a representative from Keepthinking Ltd. It was evaluated by five members of the museum community and reflects their personal opinion. These evaluations were based on a set list of tasks in a limited period of time. It is always recommended that you request a demonstration of any product in which you may be interested based on your specific requirements.

Evaluator ratings

The following table shows the ratings given to this software by members of the museum community. To understand what these ratings mean, please refer to our Scoring System & Evaluation Guide.

Each rating given is scored out of a maximum of five points. The larger the Standard Deviation number, the wider the range of scores for that task.

Task Average Standard Deviation
Online data entry 4.0 0.7
Publish a record to the web 4.0 0.7
Set user permissions and groups 3.6 0.9
View audit trails or change log 3.6 0.5
Import data 3.4 0.5
Export data 3.8 0.8
Create a local terminology list 3.8 1.1
Upload or attach images and files 4.2 0.8
Catalogue an object 3.6 0.9
Batch modify a set of records 3.8 0.8
Multilingual capabilities 3.2 0.8
Customize a catalogue entry page 3.8 0.4
Create a template record 3.4 0.5
Generate and/or build a report 2.4 1.3
Perform basic search 3.4 0.5
Perform advanced search 3.0 0.7
Browse records 3.4 0.9
Create an exhibit 3.4 0.9
Enter condition report information 3.6 0.9

Evaluator comments

The following comments have been provided by our evaluators after they rated the performance of each task. These are selected comments drawn from the “Additional Comments” section of the evaluation form.

  • I wonder what training time might be – how complex. Qi web open source system is a somewhat foreign concept to me as I am use to more straightforward and somewhat restrained CMS systems. Appealing but intimidating;
  • Everything within Qi is configurable and can really be adapted to the needs of each specific institution;
  • Quick easy publishing on line just by saving and approving – no extra steps – simplifies process yet guarantees quality control.
  • Information Management system in which they developed a Collection Mgmt. System
  • Apple and Android Apps
  • The load of 3000 records to view took several seconds, so what would it be for a search with more than 10 000 records
  • The collections management interface seems to be easy to use.
  • The various modules and buttons are easy to locate.
  • The application uses a web browser; it is possible to open several windows or tabs at the same time (for example, a list of objects can be opened in one tab, and in the other tab, the description sheet for a specific object, and in another tab, a sheet that contains information on the institution.)
  • User interface reflects the web-based nature of the program.
  • Excellent backup with data being stored on primary and secondary servers that are geographically removed from each other.
  • Web-based only does mean that you might have challenges if you lose web access during a natural or human disaster.
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