Before you apply to come to Canada from India

Canada’s COVID-19 travel restrictions

Find out if you can travel to Canada


Ask a family member or friend for help

A family member or a trusted friend can help you with your application as an unpaid representative.

Check if your representative is authorized in Canada

If you’re using an immigration agent (consultant, lawyer or Quebec notary), they must be licensed to represent you or give advice.

Add, change or remove a representative

Follow the steps to add, change or remove a representative from your application.

Immigration fraud

Unauthorized representatives

If you give an immigration agent (consultant, lawyer or Quebec notary) money for their services, they’re considered a paid representative and must be authorized.

Document fraud and misrepresentation

It’s illegal to provide false information on your application, even if an immigration agent tells you to do so.

How to report fraud

Get help if you’ve been the victim of fraud or a scam, and report it to the authorities.


Protect yourself against fraud

Is a representative telling you they can guarantee your visa will be approved, or that they can fast-track it? No one can guarantee you a visa: protect yourself from fraud.

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