ARCHIVED – Canada–British Columbia Immigration Agreement 2010 – Annex E

Annex E: Immigration Health


1.0  Preamble

Recognizing the multiple aspects of increasing diversity resulting from immigration, Canada and British Columbia have agreed to explore, identify, and undertake joint activities to better understand and address immigration health matters in British Columbia. This improved understanding will inform and facilitate the management of health issues related to immigration.

2.0  Purpose and Objective

2.1  Purpose

The purpose of this Annex is to establish mechanisms for continued communication and co-operation on joint policy and program areas related to immigration health, recognizing that there exist other federal / provincial / territorial forums on health.

2.2  Objectives

The objective of this Annex is to establish a Canada-British Columbia forum on immigration health in the following key areas:

  1. monitoring and discussing the impact of immigration in general and of specific immigration trends and policies on provincial population health and health care systems and costs;
  2. improving the health outcomes, health literacy, and integration of Immigrants and Refugees, especially those who face multiple barriers, in order to help support their effective socio-economic integration;
  3. establishing measures for safeguarding public health including timely flow of immigration medical surveillance information between Citizenship and Immigration Canada and British Columbia, including designated provincial public health authorities;
  4. facilitating cooperation among Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, Ministry of Health Services, Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport, public health authorities, service provider organizations, and health service providers for the effective health management of group refugee resettlements
  5. reviewing and assessing the coverage and accessibility of Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) and improving client and provider services to ensure appropriate access to health care for IFHP clients in British Columbia;
  6. collaborating to ensure readiness in British Columbia for the management of health concerns in potential large-scale arrivals of migrants; and
  7. exploring collaboration with other provincial, regional and national working groups related to immigration health.

3.0  Implementation

3.1  Governance

3.1.1  In accordance with section 10.1.1 of the General Provisions of the Agreement, the Agreement Management Committee (AMC) will ensure the appropriate mandate, structure and reporting requirements for the implementation of this Annex.  In the absence of specific direction to the contrary, designated representatives (federal and provincial) will report to the AMC on an annual basis.

3.1.2  The designated representatives for the purpose of communication and notification pursuant to this Annex are:

  1. for Canada, the Director General, Health Management Branch, Citizenship and Immigration Canada; and
  2. for British Columbia, the Executive Director, Immigration Partnerships and Initiatives Branch, British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development.

3.1.3  The objective agreed to in this Annex requires a multi-departmental approach, involving officials from the government of British Columbia drawn from Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development, Ministry of Health Services, Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada Health Management Branch, Citizenship and Immigration Canada British Columbia/Yukon Region, and from British Columbia Health Authorities, as required and where appropriate.

3.1.4  Canada and British Columbia are committed to participate in a joint committee, in accordance with section 10.1.4 of the General Provisions of the Agreement that will facilitate the implementation and coordination of this Annex.

3.2  Dispute Resolution

In the case of a dispute or disagreement under this Annex, Canada and British Columbia agree to follow the dispute resolution process outlined section 10.3 of the General Provisions of the Agreement

3.3  Information Sharing

3.3.1  All arrangements made for information sharing shall be in accordance with section 10.4 of the General Provisions of the Agreement.

3.4  Program Integrity

3.4.1  A results-based annual action plan will be jointly prepared by Canada and British Columbia by May 31st of each year for the duration of this Annex and submitted to the AMC for review.

3.4.2  The annual action plan will:

  1. reflect the jointly identified priorities and issues under the key areas as set out in section 2.2 of this Annex; and
  2. identify activities and expected results under the key areas.

3.4.3  Activities, actual results and recommendations will be submitted to the AMC as needed.

3.5  Term and Amendments

3.5.1  In accordance with sections 10.8.2 and 11.3 of the General Provisions of the Agreement, this Annex will be valid for five (5) years from the date of the Agreement coming into force.

3.5.2  The Parties agree to evaluate the effectiveness of the Annex no later than twelve (12) months prior to its expiry.

3.5.3  Upon mutual consent of both parties in writing, the terms and conditions of this Annex can be extended at any time prior to its expiry, subject to any required approval or authorization including the approval of the Governor in Council.

3.5.4  Amendments to this Annex will be made in accordance with section 10.8.3 of the General Provisions of this Agreement.

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