Post-interview processing and final decisions: Extending a private sponsorship

This section contains policy, procedures and guidance used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada staff. It is posted on the Department’s website as a courtesy to stakeholders.

Officers should follow the 4 steps outlined in the table below when requesting an extension of a private sponsorship.

Step 1

Ensure that the following basic criteria are met before referring the case:

  • the applicant is not eligible for consideration under joint assistance sponsorship
  • the decision is documented in GCMS notes;
  • it is believed the applicant would establish themselves successfully if given the benefit of assistance beyond the normal 12-month private sponsorship period; and
  • in all other respects, the applicant meets eligibility criteria and admissibility criteria.

Step 2

If the basic criteria are met, refer the case by e-mail to the Resettlement Operations Centre in Ottawa (ROC-O) with a detailed rationale for the recommendation to extend the period of sponsorship.

Indicate the proposed length of the total undertaking period. (It is suggested that the extended sponsorships be set at either 18 or 24 months or, in exceptional circumstances, 36 months.)

The officer may provide case details in either the e-mail or GCMS notes.

The ROC-O will reply to the visa office with a recommendation on whether or not to proceed with the request.

Step 3

Upon receipt of a positive reply from the ROC-O, the officer will send a letter to the representative of the sponsoring group advising that the applicant:

  • cannot be approved on the basis of a sponsorship of twelve months; and
  • will be approved if the group agrees to the extended sponsorship period that is recommended.

The officer must:

  • send a copy of the letter to the ROC-O/local IRCC office for information; and
  • append to it a form indicating the sponsor’s agreement to accept the specified sponsorship period.

The group members, or the contact person in the case of a SAH or Constituent Group, must sign this form.

Note: If the mail system abroad is unreliable, the visa office should request the local IRCC office which accepted the undertaking to contact the sponsor.

Step 4

Upon receipt of a reply from the ROC-O/local IRCC office, the designated officer proceeds as follows:

  • if the sponsorship group agrees to the extended sponsorship, accept the case and process as usual. Ensure that the confirmation of permanent residence document indicates the amended length of the sponsorship period; or
  • if the sponsorship group does not agree to accept the extended sponsorship, process the case as usual, refusing on ability to establish (R154(3)).
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