CIMM - Canada-China Issues - June 2, 2021

[Caviardé] apparaît lorsque des informations sensibles ont été soustraites conformément aux principes de la Loi sur l'accès à l'information et à la Loi sur la protection des renseignements personnels.

Key messages

Supplementary messages


Measures for Hong Kong residents

[If questioned about the participation of Quebec]

[If pressed about the potential for exit bans from Hong Kong]

Support for Canadian nationals and permanent residents in Hong Kong

[If pressed about recent developments regarding dual nationals]

Protection measures for Hong Kong residents

Human rights defenders at risk

[If pressed on potential measures for Uyghurs]

Security screening and criminal inadmissibility

[If pressed on assessment of politically-motivated charges – in particular linked to Hong Kong]

Supporting facts and figures

Application volumes for People’s Republic of China (PRC) passport holders.

Hong Kong


Canada-China Bilateral Relations

Immigration from China

National Security Law for Hong Kong and Canada’s immigration-related response

Hong Kong immigration bill and exit controls

Canadians and Canadian permanent residents residing in Hong Kong

Uyghurs and the situation in Xinjiang

Security screening and criminal inadmissibility

Criminal offenses and inadmissibility inside Canada

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