Invalidating your passport

After you apply online to renew your passport, we’ll send you an email to confirm that you successfully submitted your application.

In this email, we’ll also tell you to invalidate your current passport. Invalidating your passport means making it physically unusable.

 Do not invalidate your passport before getting your confirmation email.

How to invalidate your passport

This is the only way to invalidate your passport. Do not use another method.

Before you start, turn the passport right side up so you can see its front cover.

To invalidate your passport:

  1. Using scissors, diagonally cut off the top right corner of the front cover.
  2. Diagonally cut off the top left corner of page 2 (the photo page) directly underthe photo.
    • Be sure to cut through the codedletters(thestring of letters under the photo).
    • You don’tneed to cut through the photo.
  3. Diagonally cut off the top right corner of page 3 (the signature page).
3 steps to invalidate your passport as described above

You don’t need to cut off the

If you can’t invalidate your passport yourself

We may call or email you to check if you invalidated your current passport.

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