ARCHIVED – Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot: Community application criteria


The pilot will launch in a small number of communities. This means your community may not be selected, even if it meets all the criteria.

To be eligible to apply to participate, communities had to:

  • have a population of:
  • 50,000 people or less and be located at least 75 km from the core of a Census Metropolitan Area


  • up to 200,000 people and be considered remote from other larger cities (using Statistics Canada’s index of remoteness)
  • be in:
    • Alberta
    • British Columbia
    • Manitoba
    • Northwest Territories
    • Nunavut
    • Ontario
    • Saskatchewan
    • Yukon
  • have job opportunities
  • have an economic development plan
  • have a local economic development organization that can manage the pilot for your community
  • be able to settle new immigrants in the community by having or developing:
    • relationships with local or regional immigrant-serving organizations
    • opportunities to connect newcomers with established members of the community, such as through mentoring or networking
    • access to key services like:
      • education
      • housing
      • transportation
      • health care
  • have letters of support from:
    • the municipality (local leaders) and
    • a local or regional immigrant-serving organization

We encourage communities with French-speaking populations to apply and identify themselves in their application.

Economic development organizations

An economic development organization has:

  • economic development as a central part of its mandate
  • an economic development or strategic plan, or would fall under a broader economic development plan
  • available resources to participate in the pilot

This organization could be:

  • a community futures organization
  • a chamber of commerce
  • another independent or not-for-profit economic development organization
  • a hybrid organization of a municipality with an independent board of directors made up of community stakeholders

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