Support for your children

If you have children under 18 years old, we can help with the cost of raising them. This is a tax-free payment. It’s called the Canada Child Benefit (CCB). If you live in Québec, you can get Child Assistance Payments in addition to the CCB. You need to apply for both the CCB and Child Assistance Payments.

The amount you are paid is based on:

  • your family income
  • the number of children you have
  • your children’s ages
  • the province or territory where you live

When you apply, we may need proof of:

  • your Canadian immigration status and
  • birth for any of your children born outside of Canada

Find out how to apply

You need to file an income tax return to get support. If you have not lived in Canada long enough to file a return, you may need to declare your world income. Find out how to apply for the Canada Child Benefit.

If you live in Quebec

Also find out how to apply for Child Assistance Payments on the Retraite Québec website.


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