Pre-removal risk assessment: How to apply

How to apply for a pre-removal risk assessment

If you’re eligible, a CBSA officer will give you an application form and instruction guide. You’ll be able to apply for a PRRA before we remove you from Canada.

Get the application guide

You must complete the form and submit your application in

We won’t remove you from Canada until

Step 1: Complete your application

With your application, include

When we review your application, we’ll look at

For some applications, like when someone is inadmissible for serious criminality, we don’t consider risk of persecution. Instead, we assess them on the danger of torture, risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment and risk to life.

Step 2: Submit your application

There are 2 ways to submit your application. You can

Regardless of how you submit it, we need to get your complete application before your application deadline or your removal order won’t be stayed.

Submitting and managing your application online has some benefits:

How to submit and manage your application online

We use Canada Post’s epost Connect service to manage your online application. This service allows for electronic file transfers that are secure, private and confidential. Also, the service is free.

You can use epost Connect to

When you ask to manage your application online, you’re consenting to communicate with us using Canada Post’s epost Connect about all parts of your PRRA application.

To start using epost Connect, follow the instructions in our application guide.

It’s important to format your email correctly and include the correct information so we can start your epost Connect account.

After you register, we only communicate with you about your PRRA application using your epost Connect account. This includes if we need more information or to schedule a hearing with you.

When submitting your application online, it’s considered received at the time that it’s recorded in epost Connect.

More details on how to use epost Connect are in our application guide.

How to mail your application to us

You can also mail your application to us at

IRCC ‒ Humanitarian Migration ‒ Vancouver
#300 - 800 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 0B6

Before you mail your package:

  1. Get the post office to confirm you have the correct postage.
  2. Make sure you’ve clearly written your full name and address in the top left corner of the envelope.

Keep your application up to date

You’re responsible for keeping your information up to date. If something changes after you apply that may affect your application, tell us about it using your epost Connect account or by mail.

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