An Environmental Health Activity Booklet for First Nations Kids

Hello champ! My friends call me Buddy. I'm an expert in environmental health issues.
Come play with us!


The environment is anywhere you are - where you live, play, and learn. Your environment is indoors, outdoors and even under your bed!

Sometimes things in the environment can make people sick. The activities on this website will show you lots of ways to help your family and friends stay healthy. You can check your answers to the activities here.



Picture of the boy and the dog with the text bubble.

You wipe your shoes, I'll wipe my paws!

GAME: Find out where lead could be hiding! Print out the following objects and circle the items which may contain lead.

Indoor Air

Breathe easy!

Dog removing dust from his carpet, with text bubble.
"Sometimes I like to air out my doghouse."   
We usually think of air pollution as being outdoors, but the air in your home could also be polluted. Indoor air pollution can come from tobacco smoke, mould and gases like carbon monoxide.

Keeping the air clean at home is important.

GAME: Print out this word search grid, and find these hidden words related to indoor air! The words could be up, down, left and right so look carefully!


Drinking Water

Water works

"Champ" the dog with his water dish and text bubble.
If you need to boil your water, boil my water too!
All plants and animals, including people, have to drink water. But sometimes our water gets germs and chemicals in it.  You and your family can help keep your water clean.
  • If your community receives a Boil Water Advisory/Order, you must boil any water you use for drinking, cooking, making ice cubes, washing food, and brushing your teeth.  This should be a rolling boil for at least one minute.
  • Do not drink water directly from a rubber hose, especially if the hose has been in the sun all day. The rubber can break down and leak toxic chemicals.


GAME: Print out the two following images and circle 7 differences. Don't miss anything, watch carefully!



What's bugging you?

"Champ" the dog looking at can and text bubble.
Pesticides are used to get rid of pests or keep them away. However sometimes pesticides can be very harmful to people, especially if they are not used correctly.
GAME: Print out the maze and help Kyra and Tyrell to store chemical products in the locked cabinet!


Chemical Products

Read the label!

Kids looking into the cabinet with "Champ" the dog and text bubble.
Labels often use words to show how toxic or dangerous the product is.  The words are: Caution, Danger, and Extreme Danger. Labels can also use
Warning Symbols

Make sure you know what the warning symbols mean so there are no accidents. You and your family need to be careful not to come in contact with the chemicals!

GAME: Print out the warning symbols and match them with their word by drawing a line.



What did you say?

Kids with "Champ" the dog and text bubble
Sound is what you hear. Noise can be unwanted sounds that are unpleasant to the listener. Loud noise can badly damage your hearing if you are exposed to it long enough.
GAME: Print out the following image and discover what it hides by coloring by number!


Look out for Health Risks in your Environment!

"Champ" the dog with text bubble
Congratulations! Look out for health risks in your environment and you'll make your home and community a safe place for you and your friends.
GAME: Print out the cruncher and play with a friend or on your own! Don't know how to fold the cruncher, print out the instructions below!



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