Governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island Enhance Capacity to Prepare for and Respond to Wildfires

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June 27, 2024                                               Summerside, Prince Edward Island                         Natural Resources Canada

Wildfires are increasing in frequency and in severity across Canada because of climate change, impacting our health, economies, communities and wildlife. As another difficult wildfire season is underway, the Governments of Canada and Prince Edward Island will support Canadians and Islanders threatened by wildfires while strengthening our ability to adapt to a changing climate.

Today, Robert J. Morrissey, Member of Parliament, Egmont, Prince Edward Island, on behalf of the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, and the Honourable Barb Ramsay, Minister of Social Development and Seniors on behalf of The Honourable Steven Myers, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Action announced a joint investment of over $3 million over four years through the Fighting and Managing Wildfires in a Changing Climate Program — Equipment Fund (FMWCC). The funding will help the province procure and increase wildland fire equipment and personnel, support resource exchanges and unlock community-based capacity.

Funding announced today will strengthen capacities and capabilities in fire management and across P.E.I. by procuring and upgrading specialized wildland firefighting equipment, such as hoses, trucks and contracted services for air support, as well as training materials and job opportunities for fire weather specialists, supervisors and students. As a result, Canada’s wildland fire preparedness and response efforts will improve response efforts to advance the safety of both communities and firefighters.

Keeping Canadians safe and healthy is the government’s top priority. Working together with provinces, territories, Indigenous communities and international allies, the federal government continues to address and support the fight against wildfires while combating the effects of climate change and ensuring public safety and protecting homes, livelihoods and lives.


“In 2023, Canada experienced the most devastating and severe wildfire season in our nation’s history and Canadians across the country are counting on the federal government to continue working urgently with provinces, territories and partners to support communities during the 2024 season. As we face predictions of intense temperatures and dry conditions over the next few months, this federal government is acting to meet the needs of Canadians where and when wildfires occur. Today’s announcement with the Government of Prince Edward Island will help to procure life-saving equipment and personnel. Through tangible and fast-flowing FMWCC funding, the Government of Canada is helping firefighters respond to the current wildfire season and prepare for a future where the impact of climate change on the severity of wildfires is increasingly obvious.”

The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson

Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

“Canadians are feeling the effects of a changing climate and wildfires burning with greater intensity is one of them. The health and safety of Canadians is a top priority for the Government of Canada and that is why we will continue to provide the support needed to mitigate and respond to wildfires. The Fighting and Managing Wildfires in a Changing Climate Equipment Fund Program will support the efforts in P.E.I. in fire management for this wildfire season and seasons to come.”

Robert J. Morrissey

Member of Parliament, Egmont Prince Edward Island

“Already this year, we’ve seen P.E.I.’s firefighters put to the test fighting wildland fires. Due to climate change and extreme weather, P.E.I. is at greater risk of forest fires, but we are also in unprecedently good shape to respond thanks to investments in training, equipment and thanks to our dedicated fire fighters.”

The Honourable Steven Myers

Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Action

Quick facts

  • Both Canada and P.E.I. are providing $1.5 million through a contribution agreement under the FMWCC – Equipment Fund.

  • The FMWCC Equipment Fund was launched in 2022 to support provinces and territories in strengthening fire management capacities and capabilities across the country by facilitating the purchase of wildland firefighting equipment to increase capacity to respond to wildland fires.

  •  The Government of Canada is working with communities and organizations affected by wildfires to better understand the unique role the federal government plays in serving these communities, to offer nationally recognized equipment to support all firefighters to be better equipped to respond to wildland fires and to support a more sustainable approach to training, employment, and all hazards management in Indigenous communities and beyond. 

  • Under NRCan’s FMWCC provinces and territories can cost-share investments with the Government of Canada for equipment, such as vehicles, mobile units, avionics upgrades (parts), hoses, pumps, enhanced communications equipment, and the repair of aging equipment and training.

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