RCN Innovation Program

The RCN strives to ensure its people, its capability and its processes are able to provide efficient, cohesive and timely support in the production of successful outputs. In this case our output rests with the ability to support Canada in supporting peace, countering threats and providing security to all Canadians at home and around the globe.

The RCN aims to promote a culture of innovation within its ranks that allows both the common issues and wide ranging challenges to be defined allowing innovation to progress activity in order to find a solution to the problem or exploit a potential area of opportunity. Collaboration efforts between industry, academia and other government agencies and programs will be the key to success in supporting agile solutions allowing the organisation to embrace both success and failure in pursuit of positive change.

The RCN has cataloged its known challenges into defined focus areas allowing all concerned parties the ability to comprehensively navigate the RCNs innovation horizons.

For more information contact: InnovationRCN@forces.gc.ca

  • People First
  • Digital Navy
  • Fleet Optimization
  • Green Navy
  • Smart Sustainment
  • Enhanced Warfighting

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