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Minister Ng addresses APEC trade ministers

| Global Affairs Canada | speeches

Colleagues, thank you for the insightful dialogue about how APEC economies can work together as we navigate through COVID-19 and beyond.

Minister Joly addresses United Nations Human Rights Council

| Global Affairs Canada | speeches

There is a terrible irony to our meeting at the Human Rights Council. The creation of this council and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights was yet another milestone in our common efforts to advance human rights, gender equality, Indigenous rights, the rights of persons with disabilities and the LGBTI community and all those who seek affirmation and protection of the dignity of the person.

Remarks Delivered by Minister Ng at CUSMA Event in Mexico City 

| Global Affairs Canada | speeches

I’m so pleased that this trip, which is my first abroad since before the pandemic, has allowed me to finally meet you and Ambassador Tai [Katherine Tai, United States Trade Representative] in person. I’m confident we can build on the momentum of our recent meetings to help our countries build back stronger and more resilient as we head toward economic recovery.

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