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Management Plan Released for Atlantic Herring in Southwest Nova Scotia and the Bay of Fundy

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Atlantic herring is a vital species in Atlantic Canada. As one of the largest commercial fisheries in Atlantic Canada, the Southwest Nova Scotia / Bay of Fundy herring stock directly or indirectly employs more than 1,000 people in rural Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, and contributes over $140 million to the local economy.

New small craft harbour will improve safety and bring economic benefits to Clyde River

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The Government of Canada understands the need for safe and accessible harbours for hunters, harvesters, commercial fishers, and others in the Arctic. The federal government is committed to working with communities in Nunavut to deliver infrastructure that improves lives and helps to build stronger communities.

Government of Canada releases report on the state of Canadian Pacific marine ecosystems

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Canada’s beautiful West Coast is home to unique marine ecosystems and iconic species, all contributing to the cultural identity of British Columbia. Seamounts, hydrothermal vents and glass sponge reefs highlight the incredible biodiversity that lies below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. But changes to the climate are making the waters warmer, more acidic, less oxygenated, causing some habitat and species loss, and impacting marine food webs. As stewards of our Pacific waters, it is important for us to understand how ocean conditions and aquatic life are being directly and indirectly affected by climate change and human activity, so we can continue to find sustainable solutions to protect and restore coastal areas and deep offshore waters, while ensuring sustainable fishing opportunities for present and future generations.

Backgrounder – United Nations Ocean Science Decade endorsed projects

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Launched in 2021, the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for sustainable development aims to reverse the global decline in ocean health to ensure we have a sustainable ocean for future generations. The Government of Canada, in collaboration with domestic and international partners, has engaged in various targeted initiatives and activities to advance Ocean Decade outcomes and to help inform ocean policies and decisions to conserve our ocean and support sustainable development.

On World Oceans Day 2022 the Government of Canada works to conserve Canada’s oceans 

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Canadian waters are home to diverse marine ecosystems, unique features, and important species that contribute not only to the health of our oceans, but to our cultural identity. With the impacts of climate change evident around the world, the work to prevent biodiversity loss and protect marine species and habitats has become urgent. Understanding how ocean conditions and aquatic life are being affected by climate change and human activity leads to more sustainable solutions to conserve Canadian’s waters, while ensuring fishing opportunities.

Management Measures for Capelin Fisheries in Atlantic Canada Released

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Capelin is essential to our ocean ecosystem as it is an important food source for many larger species, such as cod. It is also an important source of income for harvesters, plant workers, and coastal communities throughout parts of Atlantic Canada.

Government of Canada and Province of Nova Scotia help support the redevelopment of the oyster industry in Bras d’Or Lake

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Canada’s fisheries are the backbone of many coastal communities and a driving force of the economy. The seafood sector is a rapidly shifting environment – competition is intensifying, consumers are looking for sustainability and quality. That is why the Government of Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia (NS) today announced funding support to the Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment (the Centre) through the Atlantic Fisheries Fund (AFF).

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