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Canadian Coast Guard Ship Vincent Massey joins the icebreaker fleet

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Enhancing the capacity of our fleet and maintaining our vessels to be reliable and safe are top priorities for the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). Through its work, the Canadian Coast Guard's icebreaking program supports safe marine navigation in and around ice-covered waters, and ensures our waterways are safe and accessible for business year-round.

Canadian Coast Guard takes important steps to reduce fleet emissions

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Reducing carbon emissions is one of the most important ways Canada and Canadians can fight against climate change. In line with the Government of Canada’s 2030 and 2050 commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) is pursuing tangible decarbonization efforts. Today, CCG announced important steps in reducing its emission output: the start of a biodiesel testing project and the launch of the next phase in the construction of the Government of Canada’s first hybrid electric vessel.

Sunken barge near Campbell River to be removed from the marine environment

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The Government of Canada is committed to keeping our marine and coastal areas clean and safe for generations to come. The Canadian Coast Guard is pleased to report that the sunken barge, Trailer Princess, located in Duncan Bay north of Campbell River, B.C., will be removed from the water and deconstructed so that it no longer poses a threat to the marine environment. Pollution removal and barge stabilization is underway, and removal and deconstruction of the barge will begin next week.

Canadian Coast Guard welcomes the CCGS Shediac Bay into service

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Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - The Canadian Coast Guard plays an essential role in ensuring the safety of mariners and protection of Canada’s marine environment. This is why providing the Canadian Coast Guard members with the vessels they need to continue to deliver these critical services to Canadians through the National Shipbuilding Strategy, is a priority for the Government of Canada.

Canadian Coast Guard Removes Another Hazardous Vessel to Protect Coastal Ecosystems

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The Government of Canada is committed to removing vessels that pose a threat of pollution to the marine environment, impact coastal communities and pose a health and safety risk to Canadians. The Canadian Coast Guard is proud to report that another large hazardous ship has been removed and is no longer a threat to the marine environment.

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