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Reopening of seasonal Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue stations in Quebec

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The Canadian Coast Guard’s seasonal search and rescue stations in Cap-aux-Meules, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Kegaska, Québec City, Rivière-au-Renard and Tadoussac have now resumed operations. Our six vessels of Saint-Lawrence sector have been launched on Thursday, March 31st, and have now reached their respective base.

Icebreaking near Midland, Ontario

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La Garde côtière canadienne avise les résidents de Midland, en Ontario, et des environs, que le NGCC Griffon effectuera des opérations de déglaçage dans la région le 6 avril 2022 ou aux alentours de cette date.

Canadian and United States Coast Guards recommit to partnership on the Great Lakes in environmental response

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The Canadian and United States coast guards share a long history of collaboration on the Great Lakes. These inland waters are vital to both countries’ economies, with approximately 34 million people living in and around the Great Lakes basin on both sides of the border. Keeping these waters clean and safe from threats of pollution is a top priority for both coast guards.

Spring Icebreaking on the Saguenay River

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The Canadian Coast Guard advises residents and visitors along the Saguenay Fjord that the CCGS Des Groseilliers will begin spring icebreaking operations as early as Monday, March 14, 2022. The date is subject to change with no notice, as activities could begin before or after that period, depending on operational requirements or weather conditions.

Spring Icebreaking on St. Lawrence River Between Montreal and Québec

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The Canadian Coast Guard will begin its spring icebreaking operations on the St. Lawrence River between Montréal and Québec on the morning of February 27. These activities could begin earlier due to the increased risk of the stalling of coastal pack ice brought about by the combination of warm weather and high tides expected to start March 1st. Icebreaking will continue thereafter on several streams, rivers, and river mouths in Quebec.

Government of Canada and Quatsino and Kitasoo Xai'xais First Nations Announce Launch of New Response Vessels to Strengthen Marine Safety in British Columbia

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The Government of Canada and the Quatsino and Kitasoo Xai'xais First Nations are pleased to announce the arrival and launch of two new dedicated response vessels under the Canadian Coast Guard’s Indigenous Community Boat Volunteer Pilot Program. The Quatsino and Kitasoo Xai'xais First Nations are members of the Coastal Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary, and work and train with the Canadian Coast Guard, providing marine response within their respective traditional territories.

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