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Immigration measures to help people affected by the Israel–Hamas conflict

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Canada remains deeply concerned about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, and the scale of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Since Hamas’s terrorist attack in early October, Canada has been actively working to support the assisted departure of Canadian citizens, permanent residents and their eligible family members from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

Canada builds on pledges and partnerships at the Global Refugee Forum

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Geneva, Switzerland—Across the globe, more than 114 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes, and one third of them are refugees. In response to this vast humanitarian need, Canada shares a responsibility to step up and take action. We continue to be a leading example in offering protection to the most vulnerable populations, supporting the countries that host them, and creating opportunities beyond resettlement through skills-based pathways.

Revised requirements to better protect international students

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Canada is a top destination for international students, thanks to our high-quality educational institutions; our welcoming, diverse society; and the opportunities for some to work or immigrate permanently after graduation. While international students have contributed to life on campuses and innovation across the country, they have also experienced some serious challenges, such as finding adequate housing, as they pursue their studies in Canada.

Canada opens global immigration processing centre in Romania

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Canada is a top destination for people looking for a new place to work, study, travel and build their lives with their families. As we continue to receive high volumes of applications from around the world, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is committed to reducing wait times and finding ways to better serve our clients.

Canada increases support for asylum claimants

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The world is facing unprecedented global displacement levels, and like many countries, Canada is experiencing a rise in asylum claims. This has placed immense pressure on Canada’s shelter systems and as winter approaches, the need becomes more urgent. All levels of government must work together to address these challenges and develop solutions.

Canada continues humanitarian effort for people in the Americas

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The world is facing an unprecedented migration crisis. With record numbers of people displaced internationally, Canada recognizes the need to take action and is working to support vulnerable individuals by providing them with safe and regular migration pathways. This is why Canada is providing an alternative to irregular migration by welcoming 15,000 people from the Western Hemisphere through a family-based humanitarian pathway in addition to our existing programs.

Federal, provincial and territorial immigration ministers commit to work together to maximize the benefits of immigration for Canada

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The Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration (FMRI) met today in Toronto to continue discussions on the future of immigration in Canada. Ministers expressed support for a coordinated approach to address immigration opportunities and challenges, including collaborating on economic immigration to meet labour needs, while addressing pressures on social infrastructure, housing and settlement services. This approach is based on the principle of shared jurisdiction and mutual respect for both federal and provincial-territorial roles and responsibilities for immigration in Canada.* Ministers agreed that immigration is a key component of the country’s fabric, as it contributes to its diversity, economy, and meeting labour market needs. Ministers also concurred on the importance of supporting Canada’s response to humanitarian crises and the needs of vulnerable newcomers.

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