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Free replacement documents and measures for people affected by the 2024 wildfire season

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Last year, Canada experienced the worst wildfire season on record, which threatened the health, safety and economic stability of people in Canada and their communities. Canada’s climate is warming twice as fast as the global average. As our climate continues to change, extreme hot temperatures will become more frequent and more intense due to climate change. This will increase the severity of heat waves and contribute to increased drought and wildfire risks. The Government of Canada is committed to supporting those affected across the county and assisting provinces and territories with their emergency responses.

Minister Miller highlights Budget 2024 investments to support local performing arts and fairness for every generation

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Growing communities need more infrastructure. Community facilities, like libraries and cultural and recreation centres, are essential spaces where Canadians can come together as neighbours. That is why, as part of Budget 2024, the federal government committed to investing in cities and towns across the country.

Canada improves fairness for applicants by ending post-graduation work permit “flagpoling”

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A safe and secure flow of goods and people across the Canada–United States border is critical to North America’s economy and the close person-to-person ties that Canadians and Americans enjoy. That’s why we continue to look for ways to make it easier and faster to cross the border without compromising the integrity of our immigration system.

Government of Canada introduces legislation for citizenship by descent

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Canadian citizenship is highly valued around the world. It provides the right to vote, to run for political office and to hold a Canadian passport. For many immigrants, citizenship is key to integration. It also provides a sense of belonging to a diverse and inclusive country built on the principles of democracy, equality and multiculturalism.

Community applications now open for new rural and Francophone immigration pilots

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Rural and Francophone minority communities are key to both Canada’s long-term growth and our linguistic vitality. However, these communities face unique economic and demographic challenges. That is why the Government of Canada is launching two new pilots this fall to attract the skilled workers they need to grow their economies and communities.

New measure to support skilled temporary workers in Manitoba

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Regional economic immigration programs support the sustainable growth and economic stability of our country, and contribute significantly to the cultural diversity and enrichment of Canada.

Canada to introduce new rules around off-campus work hours for international students

| Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada | news releases

International students enrich Canada’s social, cultural and economic fabric. That is why, in recent months, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has introduced reforms to the International Students Program, to ensure system integrity while protecting students from fraud and financial vulnerability.

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