Children’s education outside Canada: Educational screening

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There are several factors that a Canadian Armed Forces member should consider before accepting a posting outside Canada (OUTCAN). This education piece provides an overview of one factor: children’s educational needs. It provides information for members and their families to make informed decisions before a posting.

Prior to a posting OUTCAN

Children's Education Management supports the educational needs for the families OUTCAN.

Specifically, this group is responsible for:

  • providing guidance counselling services,
  • completing educational screening,
  • managing education-related allowances and benefits,
  • managing Canadian Armed Forces schools abroad, and
  • representing Canadian Armed Forces educational interests and needs at
  • interdepartmental committees (e.g. Education Sub-Committee and Working Group B).Footnote 1 

When Canadian Armed Forces members are being considered for a posting OUTCAN, they are required to undergo a screening process. Members with school-aged children must complete the Children's Educational Screening form to make sure the educational needs of their child can be met at the posting location. Educational screening is required for each child under the age of 23.

For questions about the Children's Educational Screening form or the educational screening process, members should contact their Education Clerk at the gaining Unit Record Support (URS)(available on the Defence Team Intranet) identified on their posting message, or email Children’s Education Management at More information can also be found on the CAF Connection website and OUTCAN - FAQ.

Members should not make any financial commitments until a Posting Message is received as the Canadian Armed Forces will not be able to reimburse until such a time.

- Educational Screening (Posting outside Canada) Instructions

Steps for completing the Children’s Educational Screening

Additional documents that may be required when applying for a child’s schooling while posted OUTCAN.

For more information, Canadian Armed Forces member should contact their Education Clerk at the gaining Unit Record Support (URS) (available on the Defence Team Intranet) and Children’s Education Management (

Fee Paying School

Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten Fee-Paying School

Grade 1 to 12 Fee-Paying School

Roman Catholic (Kindergarten to Grade 12)

Home Schooling

Boarding School – in Canada or outside Canada (Secondary Education)

Board and Lodging, Provincial and Territorial Public School in Canada

Residential School outside Canada

Post-Secondary Education – Shelter Assistance

Special Education Requirements - Special Education Allowance

Children Education Management - Colorado - CANELEMNORAD (accessible only on the Defence Team Intranet)

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