UBC’s Composites Knowledge Network is improving manufacturing efficiency for SMEs


I think that composites have a lot of benefits,

like they're strong and lightweight, and it's so beneficial

to have in so many products, like we're seeing it in airplanes

and cars and stuff. And I think more people

with more knowledge of that is going to be able to help push Canada

forward. Composites is difficult to manufacture. And these small companies,

they have great ideas, but usually their approach is a trial

and error method. But by coming to the Composites Knowledge

Network, we're able to provide them with background information,

background science, and maybe have a bit more of a direct approach

to where they want to go. The Composites Knowledge Network, we're a not for profit

federal society hosted by UBC, and our mission is to transition

academic scientific knowledge

to the benefit of Canadian and B.C. small and medium enterprises. The future in B.C., with the Composites

Knowledge Network involves a lot more high tech manufacturing,

being able to make things all the colloquialisms

lighter, stronger, better, faster, and do it with less effort,

more intelligence, and better quality.

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