Step 4 – Get Your Local Police Records Check

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Step 4 – Get Your Local Police Records Check

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Now, let's take a closer look at Step 4 in the Application Guide Getting Your Local Police Records Check.

As part of your application, you must include a Local Police Records Check for: the city or town where you live now, meaning your current address, and for each city or town you have lived during the last five years, if you lived in that city or town for three months or more.

Remember that each Local Police Records Check Form is only valid for six months from the date it is issued.

To get your Local Police Records Check, you will need to fill in page 1 of the "Local Police Records Check Form" located at the back of the Application Guide.

You should have the form in front of you as we go through this step.

Now, let's look at the "Local Police Records Check Form".

Make sure that you answer all questions and sign and date the form.

Print your answers using block letters in blue ink only.

Remember to make a photocopy of this form for your own files.

You only need to fill in Sections A, B and C on page 1 of this form.

Let's start by looking at Section A: "Personal Information".

Under number 1, "What is your full legal name?", write down your last name, followed by your first name in the spaces provided.

Under number 2 - "Have you ever used another name other than your legal name above?", tick either "yes" or "no". If you ticked "yes", write all of your previous names in the spaces provided.

Under number 3 - "What is your gender?", tick either "male" or "female".

Under number 4 - "What is your date of birth?" fill in the year, month, and day that you were born in the spaces provided.

Under number 5 - "Do you have a driver's license?", tick "yes" or "no".

If you tick "yes", write down your driver's license number in the space provided.

Now let's take a look at Section B - Mailing and Residence Information.

Under number 6 - "What is your mailing address?", write down the address of the place where you currently live.

Include the apartment number or house number, street address; city or town; province; postal code; and country.

All information about a decision will be sent to this address.

Under number 7, "What is your telephone number?", write the telephone number where the board can reach you, including the area code.

Under number 8 - "What addresses have you lived in the last five years?", write down the addresses where you've lived over this period.

For each one, include the apartment number or house number, street address; city or town; province; postal code; and country.

Include both the date you started living there, and the last date you lived there.

Start by writing down your current address, followed by all of your previous addresses.

Note that P.O. boxes are not acceptable.

Now let's take a look at Section C - Applicant Authorization.

If you will be submitting this form to more than one Police Service, be sure to make copies of it before you fill in this section.

Under number 9, write down the name of the police service you will be submitting the form to and sign your name along with the date.

This gives the Police Service your authorization to give information to the board about any past convictions you may have.

Once you have filled in Sections A, B and C of the form, write down your full legal name and date of birth on the back of the form, in the spaces provided.

Contact the Police Service where you live now and have them fill in the back of the form, where it says "For Police Use Only".

You must also contact the local Police Service for each address where you have lived in the past five years, if different from your current address.

Show each Police Service a copy of your Criminal Record and ask them to fill in the back of the Local Police Records Check Form.

Make sure that each Police Service: fills in all information in the "For Police Use Only" section of the form; signs and dates the form; and puts their official Police Service seal or stamp on the form.

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