Acronyms used in the Report

Official Title: Performance Monitoring Report 2018-2019, Acronyms used in the Report
From: Parole Board of Canada


APR Accelerated Parole Review
APRI Accelerated Parole Review-Initial
CCRA Corrections and Conditional Release Act
CRA Criminal Records Act
CRIMS Conditional Release Information Management System
CSC Correctional Service of Canada
DO Dangerous Offender
DP Day Parole
EAH Elder-Assisted Hearing
ETA Escorted Temporary Absence
FP Full Parole
IDS Integrated Decision System
LTSO Long-Term Supervision Order
OMS Offender Management System
PARSS Pardon and Record Suspension System
PBC Parole Board of Canada
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
SR Statutory Release
TA Temporary Absence
UAL Unlawfully-at-Large
UTA Unescorted Temporary Absence
WED Warrant Expiry Date


Note to the Reader 

Data and information for this report came from numerous sources:

  • Conditional release data was extracted from PBC CRIMS, IDS and OMS
  • Record suspension and clemency information was extracted from PARSS and clemency tracking system.
  • Financial information was provided by the Finance and Planning Division.
  • The Human Resources Section provided human resources information on staff, and the Board Member Secretariat provided information on Board members.

Minor variances may occur when presenting percentage statistics as a result of rounding.

The snapshot of the offender population was taken on April 7, 2019, to ensure all year‑end data had been entered into IDS and OMS.  Similarly, year-end date was provided for record suspension, clemency, financial and human resources data.

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