Supplementary Information (Tables) 2014-2015


Departments and agencies bound by the Policy on Green Procurement but not the Federal Sustainable Development Act must complete mandatory reporting on meeting the requirements of Section 7 of the Policy on Green Procurement using this section.


  1. Approach: The Board’s approach to implementing green procurement is to continue to target the use of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) procurement instruments into which environmental performance considerations are already integrated, to continue to provide continuous training on greening to personnel, and to continue to promote environmental considerations in our daily workplaces.

  2. Management Processes and Controls: The Board uses PWGSC procurement instruments as its primary procurement mechanism and leverages the environmental considerations incorporated into these standing offers/supply arrangements by PWGSC. Furthermore, when there is no PWGSC standing offer available, all other contracting documents include a clause addressing environmental considerations in the performance of the work required.

  3. Setting Targets: In addition to commitments identified in i., ii., and iv., the Board has the following target:
    • Continue to encourage staff to use the recycling/shredder bins provided for paper and plastic; to reduce paper usage by using electronic alternatives; and encourage staff to minimize printing and copying by utilizing duplex printing options.
  4. Training: The Board has only one Contracting Management Advisor and the employee completed the Canada School of Public Service online course C215 in May 2008. Training on Green Procurement will continue to be provided to key acquisition cardholders and managers involved with acquisitions on an ongoing basis.

Performance Evaluations: In 2014-15, the Board will ensure that an objective to take environmental considerations into account for all procurement activities is included in the performance agreement of our Contracting Management Advisor.

The National Anti-Drug Strategy legislation received Royal Assent on March 13th 2012. Current plans call for the provision of $9.4 million to PBC over five years, including $1.8 million in 2014-15 to manage increased numbers of conditional release reviews as a result of mandatory minimum sentences.  The following table illustrates the planned spending and expected results for each of the program activities.

Federal Partner: Parole Board of Canada
($ millions)
Federal Partner
Program Activity
Names of Programs
for Federal Partners
Total Allocation
(from Start to End Date)
Planned Spending for
Expected Results for
Conditional Release Decisions Conditional Release Decisions 5.6 1.1 Note[1]
Conditional Release Decisions Openness and Accountability Conditional Release Decisions Openness and Accountability 2.1 0.4 Note[2]
Internal Services Internal Services 1.7 0.3 Support programs
Total: 9.4 1.8

[1] This funding will provide the PBC with the capacity for effective management of its legislated responsibilities for parole decision-making for offenders in relation to the requirements of the new legislation. PBC will collect information and report on workloads and outcomes of parole for provincial offenders incarcerated as a result of new legislative provisions (e.g., the number and proportion of offenders who successfully complete their parole).

[2] This funding will provide the PBC with the capacity for the provision of information and assistance to victims of crime, observers at hearings and individuals who seek access to the decision registry in relation to the requirements of the new legislation. In a similar manner, PBC will report on the extent of involvement of victims, and observers in conditional release processes and the level of satisfaction of these individuals with the information and assistance provided by PBC. Effective management of both of these responsibilities will contribute to public safety and reinforce public confidence in the justice system.

($ thousands)
Record Suspension/Clemency Recommendations Program Forecast Spending
Planned Spending
Planned Spending
Planned Spending

Record Suspension Decisions/Clemency Recommendations

Record Suspension user fees - Respendable[1]
4,700 5,645 5,645 5,645
Total Respendable Revenue 4,700 5,645 5,645 5,645
Record Suspension Decisions/Clemency Recommendations

Record Suspension user fees- Non-Respendable[2]
 1,610 1,927 1,927 1,927
Total Non-Respendable Revenue 1,610 1,927 1,927 1,927
Total Revenue 6,310 7,572 7,572 7,572

[1] The application fee for record suspensions is $631.

[2] Non-Respendable revenue represents the portion of the fee - $15 per application that PBC collects for the RCMP together with non-respendable, non-tax revenue, recoveries associated with the employee benefit plans, accommodation premiums for Public Works and Government Services and the employees’ insurance premium.

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