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Official title: Parole Board of Canada 2020-21 Departmental Plan, Supplementary Information Table

Gender Based Analysis Plus 
Governance structures Not applicable. The Parole Board of Canada (PBC) provides data analysis to Public Safety in support of Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+), as Public Safety Canada is responsible for developing legislative policy.
Human resources Currently, the PBC has a GBA+ Working Group from various sections that meets regularly. The PBC's GBA+ Working Group monitors and evaluates the implementation of the GBA+ Framework.
Planned initiatives In 2020-21, the PBC plans to:
  • Develop a GBA+ guide and corresponding infographics;
  • Conduct a GBA+ analysis during the Policy Manual Alignment Review;
  • Update forms/systems/letter templates to determine what sex/gender information the PBC is required to collect and display and introduce non-binary options whenever gender information is being collected;
  • Consider GBA+ and the role of the unconscious bias when completing the review and modernization of Board member training materials and products; and
  • Operationalize the management action plan for the PBC report called “Gendered Parole: Responding to Women Offender Needs” to provide a gender-responsive approach for women through enhancements to PBC's guidance and training to Board members and staff.
Reporting capacity and data Although the PBC uses disaggregated gender data, it is not currently being used for GBA+. Gender data is used to inform the PBC's corporate planning reporting (e.g., Performance Monitoring Report), and research. An offender's reported gender is based on data entered in Correctional Service Canada's (CSC) Offender Management System from which the PBC extracts all offender profile information. Concerning gender data for Board members and staff, this information is reported as entered into Human Resources Management System (HRMS).

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