David Barber, Ph.D. (2021, Environment and Geography)

David Barber, Ph.D. (2021, Environment and Geography)

David Barber

David Barber, Distinguished Professor of Environment and Geography at the University of Manitoba, is one of the world’s foremost researchers in Arctic System Science. Over three decades of research, he has contributed new knowledge that is fundamental to Canada’s understanding of sea ice and climate change in the Arctic.

Dr. Barber is an energetic promoter and leader of large-scale interdisciplinary programs. He led the Circumpolar Flaw Lead system study, the most ambitious and complex project by any country during International Polar Year 2007-2009. The study brought together over 350 scientists from 27 countries who took turns aboard the CCGS Amundsen while it overwintered in the southern Beaufort Sea.

Dr. Barber’s work on climate change and its environmental and socioeconomic impacts has influenced territorial, provincial, national, and international policies. Industry and Inuit organizations have sought his expertise and acted on his recommendations.

Dr. Barber is acutely aware of the power and value of Inuit knowledge, and over the course of his career has built and maintained strong relationships with Inuit knowledge holders. He integrates Indigenous perspectives into his research and has trained a generation of young scientists to respect the research needs and questions of Indigenous communities.

With his drive, dedication, and leadership, David Barber has had an immeasurable impact on Arctic research in Canada and abroad. Along the way, he has won the esteem, respect, and affection of colleagues, students, and many others, in northern and southern Canada and around the world.

Through the Northern Science Award and Centenary Medal, Polar Knowledge Canada recognizes the outstanding merit of David Barber’s contributions to Canada.

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