John Smol, Ph.D. (2016, Limnology)

John Smol

Queen’s University limnologist John Smol has developed and refined techniques that have revolutionized the study of Arctic ecosystems. His pioneering work, in demonstrating that microscopic algae preserved in lake and pond sediment are a powerful tool for understanding environmental change, has brought paleolimnology from relative obscurity to the forefront of arctic climate change research.

An engaging and prolific communicator, Dr. Smol has shared his knowledge widely, helping build an international community of paleolimnologists, advising policy makers, and inspiring students and young researchers.  His work has benefited northern communities in terms of policy, data for analysis, mining research, archaeology, and community management.

Through the Northern Science Award and Centenary Medal, Polar Knowledge Canada recognizes Dr. Smol’s long record of leadership and his substantial contributions to the North and its people.

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