Louis Fortier, PhD, (2015, Marine Biology)

Louis Fortier, PhD, (2015, Marine Biology)

Louis Fortier

Through his leadership and his innovative approach to research, Laval University marine biologist and Scientific Director of ArcticNet Louis Fortier has inspired and fostered the creation of knowledge that directly benefits northern societies and communities.

In his capacity as Science Director, Dr. Fortier has encouraged open dialogue on key arctic issues with numerous stakeholders, including international academics, Inuit partners, the private sector, and policy makers. Together they have been able to document and synthesize the effects of climate change, and transform this knowledge into Integrated Regional Impact Study (IRIS) frameworks that contribute to informing decision- and policy making for the benefit of the Inuit of Canada.

Through the Northern Science Award and Centenary Medal, Polar Knowledge Canada recognizes Dr. Fortier’s long time leadership and significant contribution to the North and its people.

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