Trevor Bell, PhD, FRSC & SmartICE

Trevor Bell, Honorary Research Professor in Geography at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Founding Director of SmartICE, has studied diverse Canadian landscapes for more than thirty years. Dr. Bell’s expertise lies in the study of Arctic and subarctic environments, climate change impacts, and community-based research.

SmartICE is a community-based organization offering climate change adaptation tools designed to incorporate sea-ice monitoring data with Indigenous Knowledge. An important achievement in climate change adaptation, the sea-ice monitoring and information service has developed innovative technologies and methodologies to address the impacts of climate change on sea ice and coastal communities. SmartICE combines Indigenous Knowledge with cutting-edge technologies to provide real-time information on ice conditions, ensuring safer travel and resource access for Indigenous Peoples.

Dr. Bell and SmartICE have made significant contributions to advancing knowledge and understanding of the Canadian North. Their work has been instrumental in supporting transformations in the way knowledge is produced and shared. They have actively engaged with Indigenous communities, fostering collaborative partnerships that prioritize local knowledge and perspectives. This approach has enriched scientific understanding and empowered Northern communities to actively lead decision-making that is beneficial, innovative, and youth-focused.

The transformative impact of Dr. Bell’s research and SmartICE’s initiatives have been widely recognized. They are dedicated to advancing knowledge, promoting sustainable practices, and fostering resilience in Northern communities.

Polar Knowledge Canada recognizes Dr. Bell and SmartICE’s distinguished achievements and substantial contributions to the North and its Peoples by awarding them the Northern Science Award and Centenary Medal.

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