Wayne Pollard, Ph.D. (2020, Geography)

Wayne Pollard, Ph.D. (2020, Geography)

Wayne Pollard

Wayne Pollard, Professor of Geography at McGill University, is recognized as one of the world’s finest northern scholars. Over the course of his career he has generated substantial new knowledge of northern geocryology, and of the geomorphology and hydrology of permafrost. His work has also brought new understanding of Antarctic environments, and of processes affecting permafrost-influenced landforms on Mars.

Dr. Pollard is widely respected for his strong commitment to collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. He has trained and mentored countless students and early career scientists. Leading by example, and in a spirit of kindness and generosity, he has inspired a new generation of researchers with his passion for polar research and his extensive and multifaceted expertise.

He has built and maintained relationships with northern community members, governments, and non-governmental organizations, and has made significant contributions to Inuit and northern Cree teacher education programs. He has also been active in educating the southern public about the Canadian Arctic and its critical scientific issues.

Dr. Pollard has devoted considerable energy to serving, and providing leadership to, the polar science community. He is, for example, director of two McGill northern research stations, one on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, and the other at Schefferville in subarctic Québec. He is a past Chair of the Canadian Committee on Antarctic Research.

Dr Pollard’s work has been transformational both for the knowledge he has generated, adding to Canada's profile as an international leader in polar science, and for the lasting impact he has had on the lives of others studying and living in Northern Canada.

Through the Northern Science Award and Centenary Medal, Polar Knowledge Canada recognizes the outstanding merit of Wayne Pollard’s contributions to Canada.

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