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Our focus on improving our workplace over the last number of years—seen in our hard work on diversity and inclusion, mental health, and harassment, as well as our experimentation with new ideas—has given momentum to renewal.

We are now building on this momentum by focusing on our individual and collective mindsets and behaviours to make the Public Service more agile, inclusive, and better equipped. Every public servant can make a difference.

Adopting more open and collaborative approaches within and beyond government is a critical element for success. We are inviting everyone into our Public Service renewal agenda.

Transcript - Beyond2020

(Male employee standing with a brick wall background and a clock, filing cabinet, and bookshelf to his left)

(Zooms into the space above the employee’s head where a lightbulb appears)

Blueprint 2020 gave public servants a license to innovate, and made us more engaged than ever. But now it’s time to look beyond.

(New scene: Earth spins – a single small building appears. Earth spins again revealing several bigger buildings, and a satellite passing overhead)

We need to transform engagement into empowerment.

(Eye machine clicks closed and open)

(The Chart on wall – letters falling leaving the word “engagement” and then is replaced by the word “empowerment.”)

We need to move from creating new committees to amplifying our communities.

(Boardroom with people at table, then wall falls down to reveal a city, different areas)

(A hand writing a list)

We need to move beyond rewriting rules to rethinking our mindsets and behaviours.

(The writing extends off the page to draw the shape of a head with motors and gears spinning in motion)

We need a public service that’s agile.

(A network of dots, with icons (a set of buildings, a loop of arrows, a robotic arm, a person, a house, an industrial factory, and a truck) appearing from the dots)

Moving people, resources, and information quickly.

(Zooms into the looping arrows icon, where more icons appear: a calculator, a radio signal, an at symbol, an envelope, and a lightbulb)

Embracing experimentation by testing and building solutions.

(Zooms into the calculator icon, where more icons appear: a clock, a test tube, a magnifying glass, a globe and a wrench)

We need a public service that’s inclusive. Bringing diverse perspectives and diverging opinions to the table.

(People with bubbles over their heads, all of them are different colours and sizes, with thought bubbles appearing above their heads that are also different colours and have different icons)

Developing ideas and co-creating with input from across and outside government.

(A map of Canada that draws the provincial/territorial boundaries with thought bubbles that are different colours and have different icons)

We need a public service that’s equipped. Exploring new tools, technology, and ways of working.

(Screen, split into three: first third, a female employee seated at a workstation working on a tablet; the second third, a male employee at a standing desk working on a desktop; and the third, a mother working from home on her laptop at a kitchen table with a child seated in her lap)

(Above the three employees, a large computer icon appears, and a dashed line connecting to their respective work devices)

Prioritizing continual learning and development.

(New Scene: A male employee, seated at their desk, the words “continual learning” appears above him, and the word “development” appears below)

Above all, we need you. Your passion and creativity, to build the public service of the future. Join us.

(New scene: different types of public servants appear: a female executive, a female farmer, a female student in a wheelchair, a female border agent, a male executive, a male construction worker, a male photographer, a male professor, a female scientist, and a male engineer.)

(Animated text: Share your ideas)

(Join the conversation)


(Beyond2020 wordmark)

(Government of canada wordmark)


We will report regularly on our progress, including our challenges and setbacks, and our breakthroughs. We will share and celebrate innovative approaches from public servants across Canada through events like the Innovation Fair as we move forward on Beyond2020.

The Public Service of Canada is a good story. We do not hear enough about the incredible stories of innovations and creative solutions generated across the Public Service every day, and I want all of us to tell them.

During my time as Clerk, I have been fortunate to have engaged thousands of public servants through nearly 150 speaking engagements across the country. I have also communicated with them, and Canadians, through my website and a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. While this outreach has presented an opportunity for me to speak about the Public Service, it is also an important way for me to hear the stories of everyday excellence from public servants directly. It is their stories that inspire me.

This report has highlighted only a small fraction of the many stories of exceptional service to Canadians and of professionalism and excellence.

This report gives voice, in a small way, to the hundreds of thousands of public servants who make our Public Service among the best in the world. Together, they reveal the strengths of our democracy and the role of government in Canada. These are our stories—by Canadians, for Canadians.

There are so many stories of public servants working hard to make a difference, like the following:

Public servants are encouraged to share their renewal stories by using #GCStories on social media.

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