Looking to the future

Looking to the future

A public service that serves a dynamic country like Canada must constantly adapt and adjust to meet the needs of Canadians. This is what renewal is all about — ongoing self-reflection and change to ensure that we are positioned to support the Government and serve Canadians now and into the future.

In 2013, when Blueprint first launched, the year 2020 seemed far away. And indeed, we set our sights high to define public service excellence and to take concrete steps to get us there.

Blueprint 2020 gave us a roadmap to renewal. In my last report, I committed to looking at how far we have come. We have been measuring our progress towards public service renewal, drawing from public service employee surveys and data on our workforce and the tools we are using.

The data speaks for itself: we are on the right path and have achieved a great deal in a short period of time. We have undertaken unprecedented engagement with public servants from across the country and around the world. We have become more innovative and collaborative, and have broken down silos that created barriers between organizations. And we have opened up conversations on issues like mental health, and diversity and inclusion.

Key areas critical to sustain collectively
Text version — Key areas critical to sustain collectively

It is critical that we sustain our collective efforts in key areas:  

  • Attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce;
  • Remain committed to mental health and workplace well-being;
  • Equip ourselves with modern tools, processes and organizational structures; and
  • Address harassment and discrimination.

Over the coming year, I will also be focusing a lot of my time and energy on the pay system.

I am eager to build momentum as we look at how we can continue to improve ourselves and to remain the best public service in the world.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Michael Wernick, Clerk of the Privy Council, reviewing a document

2017 Public Service Employee Survey Key Renewal Results

2017 Public Service Employee Survey Key Renewal Results
Text version – Key renewal results
Survey – Pay System
Pay System 2017
Has your pay or compensation been affected by the Phoenix pay system 69%
Do pay- or compensation-related issues cause you stress at work 34%
Satisfaction with department or agency to resolve pay or compensation issues 36%
Survey – Innovation and Agility
Innovation and Agility 2017
I would be supported if I proposed a new idea 58%
My work suffers because of complicated or unnecessary business processes 41%
My immediate supervisor supports flexible work arrangements 80%
Survey – Mental Health and Workplace Well-being
Mental Health and Workplace Well-being 2017
My workplace is psychologically healthy 56%
My department or agency raises awareness of mental health 67%
I can discuss matters affecting my well-being at work with my supervisor 81%
Survey – Harassment and Discrimination
Harassment and Discrimination 2017
Have you been the victim of harassment in the past two years 18%
Have you been the victim of discrimination in the past two years 8%
Survey – Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion 2017
My department or agency supports a diverse workplace 76%
Every individual is accepted as an equal member of the team 73%


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