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Presenter's Handbook
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This guide aims to take participants through the early phases of planning a public engagement process. Through hands-on activities, participants will learn about the realities of the public and key stakeholders. This will help them to conduct public engagement processes that recognize the deeper social context in which policies are developed.

After completing the activities, participants will be better able to design for their people, context, and goals. They will have a greater understanding of the relationships between policy, communications and public engagement. This is an opportunity to collaborate and provide feedback on an evolving approach to designing engagement plans for the federal government.

The toolkit contains four activities:

Each activity includes a purpose statement, a set of instructions, guiding questions, and an example. You can work from the Fictional Scenario provided or use your own consultation example. 

Make copies for different projects or for different members of your team. This toolkit can be run as a workshop with a team. You may also invite the people you intend to engage with to participate in this workshop with you to co-create your engagement plan. 

Fictional scenario

You are an employee of the Fictitious Engagement Department (FED). In the last five years, health studies have revealed potential damaging effects of sugary drinks on human development. This has led lobbying groups to put pressure on the federal government to place a ban on sugary drinks. Based on your minister’s mandate, your team has been asked to propose government intervention on sugary soft drinks to address these health concerns. This may include legislative options.

Public Opinion Research suggests that Canadians hold strong opinions on both the benefits and disadvantages of continuing to sell sugary soft drinks. Media analysis reveals strong interest in Central Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta, with 14 related editorials written this year. Recommendations for any new legislation must be tabled within eighteen months.

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Sixth Edition, Cooperatively developed 2019

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