Activity 4 – Methods

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Activity 4
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Activity 4 helps you determine the Methods that will correspond with your identified Goals. This activity is paired with the Method Cards.


Examine the list of methods. Consider matches between your chosen Goals and possible Methods. The Goals and Methods are grouped into themes with corresponding symbols to help with this task (see white geometric icons). Select any number of methods you think can be used to achieve your chosen goals. Write down your chosen methods. Decide what People will be engaged through each method. Arrange your methods along the timeline to build your engagement strategy. You can combine People who will benefit from similar engagement methods into a single group.

Questions to consider:

  • Are certain methods better suited to certain People?
  • Which Methods will help you meet a Goal?
  • Are there conditions that require certain goals to be met before others? (i.e. transforming a conflict before developing consensus)
  • What protocols, procedures or practices might I have to follow or learn to engage with this person or group?


Activity 4 - Methods
Text version

A swim lane table designed to be used in complement with Part 1 of Activity 4, after your methods have been selected. There are three instructional headers with subheadings listed horizontally. From left to right, Header 1 states “Group and place People’s symbols below” with the sub-heading “consider stakeholders with similar needs if possible”. Header 2 is centred over a timeline with four columns titled T1, T2, T3 and T4. These represent four equal time periods that are used to plan and sequence engagement methods. Header 2 instructs you to “Arrange methods along the timeline”; the subheading states “consider whether certain methods depend on previous methods, as well as how long each engagement method will take to carry out”. Header 3 says “Connect engagement goals”, with the sub-heading “consider how you will measure whether goals have been achieved”.

Below the first column, “Groups and place people’s symbols below”, there are three rows. Each row of Column 1 is intended to contain a group, Group A, group B and group C. This is for you to fill out.

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