ARCHIVED - Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada Implementation Evaluation Report


Annexes I.1 – I.7
Supporting Analytical Tables

Annex I-5 –– Performance Management Framework Study Results
Performance reporting Data Collection
  1. Performance information is currently under development.
  2. Reports produced have been of limited use in the management decision-making process (except CIHR).
  3. Reporting is seen as a means of meeting mandatory requirements (except CIHR).
  4. Responsibility Centre Committee is seen as the appropriate vehicle for planning and organizing the performance management for the Federal Initiative.
  5. PHAC Policy Division is seen as responsible for performance reporting.
  6. Minimal resources need to be added by programs.
  7. One FTE needs to be added to PHAC Policy Division to develop, implement and produce performance reporting.
  8. Programs see their responsibility in coordinating and gathering data and passing on to experts.
  9. Standardized systems and tools would help facilitate this process.
  10. Grants and Contributions need specific operational objectives related to outcomes and managerial issues.
  11. Streamlining Federal Initiative reporting would make it congruent with existing reporting requirements.
  12. While efforts are underway, better data could have been collected regarding outcomes from funded applicants (CIHR).
  1. All RCs are collecting data on at least some indicators.
  2. Data need better definition.
  3. Some indicators are found for the output indicators in the PAA , which  may account for the concentration of lack of ownership of the PAA indicators.
  4. Data collection for the Federal Initiative is in its formative stage, more work needs to be done to streamline reporting requirements and formalize responsibilities.
  5. Data collection for performance information is not automated.
  6. Federal Initative data collection analyses are conducted manually.
  7. Tools would be most welcome.
  8. Tagging projects as being relevant to different topic areas
  9. The performance information system needs capacities to collect data from different systems and, report by epidemiological, financial, and program data categories.
  10. Current data are collected by program activity instead of by funding source.
  11. Data collected need to be useful for programs.
  12. Baselines are not available.
  13.  Making performance data more outcome-based would help to examine existing work and align priorities.

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