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Annexes II.1 – II.4

Annex II-4 – PWGSC Interview Guide (2006)

Interview Guide –
The Federal Initiative (FI) to address HIV/AIDS in Canada


The Federal Initiative to address HIV/AIDS in Canada (FI) represents a significant federal investment and a complex approach to address a challenging epidemic. To support this effort, HIV/AIDS Policy, Coordination and Programs Division, Public Health Agency of Canada has asked Consulting Services of Public Works and Government Services Canada to assist in the development of a Performance Management Framework (PMF). The PMF will enhance the ability to report on and evaluate FI outcomes. The scope of the PMF will involve both ongoing performance measurement and evaluation reporting requirements.

In order to develop the PMF, Consulting Services is conducting interviews with key representatives of the FI involved in performance measurement and/or involved in producing the various reports and developing the measurement tools for the FI. The purpose of the interview is to: discuss desired key results and potential data sources, confirm reporting requirements and indicators, as well as confirm the general areas that the FI PMF should measure. You have been identified as someone who is best able to describe and communicate the intentions and desired achievements of the new FI PMF.

The questions that follow will assist in structuring our conversation with you. We hope that you will find them useful in preparing for our interview.

FI Program Management Questions

1. Can you tell us a bit more about your role with respect to the FI?

2. Please refer to the key outcomes of the FI listed in attached Table 1:

  • From your perspective, does this list capture the key outcomes that the FI must manage and achieve to be a success? Is there anything missing?
  • Which of these outcomes does your group contribute to and/or have responsibility to manage?
  • What other stakeholders have an interest in the success of the FI? Does the list of outcomes adequately capture what you think stakeholders find important? If not, what’s missing?

3. What performance information does management currently receive related to the FI? How frequently is the information reported? At what level is the performance information used? For what purposes? (e.g. strategic decision-making, business planning, establishing priorities, allocation of resources, reporting against mandated reporting requirements)

4. Do you think performance information in general is meeting the needs of management to make good decisions related to the FI? If not, what should be changed/ added/ deleted?

Performance information and data collection questions:

5. Please refer to the indicators and performance reports for the FI listed in attached Table 1:

  • Which of these reports do you provide information to?
  • Are you responsible for collecting data associated with any of the indicators? Which ones? Are there any problems with collecting the data you are responsible for?
  • How automated is your data collection and reporting related to these indicators? What data collection tools (database, software, templates etc) do you use to assist you? What tools would help?
  • If there was a baseline study on these indicators, would you be able to provide the baseline information? What do you estimate the turnaround time and level of effort to be?

6. How many FTEs are involved in performance reporting? Do you have adequate resources to respond to your reporting requirements?

Other/ General Questions:

7. What advice would you provide to the HIV/AIDS Policy, Coordination and Programs Division to assist in implementing a performance measurement initiative for the FI?

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