ARCHIVED - Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada Implementation Evaluation Report


V. Recommendations

The following recommendations are proposed to improve the management of the Federal Initiative; strengthen the focus on results; and prepare for the summative evaluation.

A. Finalize the Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) and Information Management System (IMS)

Federal Initiative programs need to review the current performance measurement framework to ensure the following:

  • program outputs and outcomes are aligned with the logic model and realistic targets are set;
  • a concise set of performance measures, appropriate to the elements of the logic model, are clearly identified, defined, and adopted by programs;
  • proposed data collection and performance monitoring activities will generate the required data for mandatory reports (DPR, annual report) and the summative evaluation due in 2011; and
  • the Federal Initiative RMAF is revised.

This framework should build on the experiences with performance reporting and maintain a core focus on defining and measuring the successes of the Federal Initiative. Without attention to the development of a more complete performance measurement system, and collection of the required data, it will be difficult to provide reliable information for performance reporting, planning and priority-setting, and the summative evaluation for the Federal Initiative.

B. Implement the PMF and the IMS

Once the PMF and the IMS are in place, it is essential to follow up with an implementation plan to ensure that measures are taken to fulfill reporting and evaluation requirements. The implementation of the PMS and the IMS is highly recommended. The following are key elements of the implementation plan:

  • clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and commitments for all participants are communicated and adopted;
  • public health role is defined; where appropriate;
  • timelines for reporting are identified and reports produced; and
  • capacity building for report providers and end users is carried out among RCs to collect data; report in accordance with the PMF; and use the information in accord with their level of responsibility.

C. Strengthen Horizontal Management

The RCC meets many of the criteria of good governance of a horizontal initiative. This evaluationthat the RCC successfully manages crosscutting issues and ensures that reporting commitments aThe next step is for the Federal Initiative partners to see their roles in terms of the achievement of horizontal objectives, rather than the execution of their separate component and program tasks. Horizontal governance structures are expected to work as a single unit, determining strategic direction, and monitoring and delivering results. The added value of the RCC could be significantly improved by setting clear objectives and performances expectations for the Federal Initiative and using performance information for collaborative planning and shared decision making and accountability.

The RCC should review its horizontal management function with a view to strengthening its role in delivering results and managing federal resources.

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