Supplementary data on Budget 2012 implementation - Public Health Agency of Canada

This chart presents a summary of the savings initiatives by category to illustrate that 80% of the savings come from business improvements and efficiency savings which will not affect direct services to Canadians.

Summary of the savings initiatives by category
Savings by Functional Category Planned Savings ($000s)
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Administrative Efficiencies and Rationalization of Structures and FunctionsTable 1 - Footnote 1
Reductions in management and administration, travel, professional services and streamlined business processes; transform work in regions to focus on core federal Public Health role.
7,419 20,320 29,957
Strategic Partnerships and Shared Services Table 1 - Footnote 2
The Agency has partnered with other departments to provide consolidated services for corporate functions, emergency management, border health services, pathogen control and management of international affairs.
1,108 2,832 7,951
Grants and Contributions (Gs&Cs) Program ReviewTable 1 - Footnote 3
The Gs&Cs funding envelope was largely protected. The Agency will improve the efficiency of Gs&Cs administration by reducing effort and cost and integrating efforts at community level with those of other providers; finally by streamlining and consolidating programs with common risk factors or target populations.
3,192 6,402 16,855
Public Health Program ReviewTable 1 - Footnote 4
The Agency will integrate the management and oversight of laboratories without affecting program delivery; streamline and better focus surveillance activity, publications and support to public health capacity.
1,996 6,162 13,204
Grand Total 13,715 35,716 67,967

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