Antibiotic (antimicrobial) resistance

Help prevent antibiotic resistance by learning about its causes, impact and which bacteria and illnesses are antibiotic-resistant. Also discover helpful resources.

Services and information

About antibiotics

What antibiotics are used for, using antibiotics safely, what superbugs are

About antibiotic resistance

What antibiotic resistance is, how it happens, how resistant bacteria spread

Antibiotic resistance and risks to human health

Who is most at risk and the impacts to human health.

Protecting yourself and your family

Lessen your risk by using antibiotics correctly and avoiding illness

True stories: How antibiotic resistance impacts lives

Personal stories about when antibiotics stop working

Antibiotic resistance in the food chain

Antibiotic use in veterinary medicine and agriculture, impacts to food supply

Antibiotic resistant bacteria and illnesses

Bacteria and illnesses known to be antibiotic resistant, emerging risks

Infection prevention and control

Prevent antimicrobial resistance in healthcare settings

Antibiotic resistance research and surveillance

Research and monitoring systems for AMR in Canada

Awareness materials for patients

Print-ready and online resources to raise awareness on antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance in animals

AMR in animals, surveillance, policy development, outreach

Reserve list for antimicrobial drugs

List of antimicrobial drugs that should be used sparingly to preserve effectiveness

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