Opening and closing remarks: Engagement session on COVID-19 vaccines and public health measures

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The following is an example of opening and closing remarks that can be tailored based on your audience needs. If hosting a bilingual session, we recommend alternating between French and English where appropriate.

Opening remarks

Spoken by MC: Welcome and housekeeping (approximately 1 minute)

Hello. I would like to welcome everyone to this information session on Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination and public health measures. Today’s session is hosted by [organization].

My name is [name] and I am [title] at [organization]. I will be the MC for today’s session.

[Placeholder for territorial acknowledgement]

[Add a line that highlights why this information session is timely based on your participants’ needs].

A special thank you to [placeholder] for helping put this event together. We are extremely pleased to have over [number] participants! Thank you all for joining us today.

Spoken by MC: Overview of today’s session (approximately 2 minutes)

We want to allow enough time to address some of your questions and concerns.

So today’s session will include a presentation by [speaker name, title and organization] followed by a question and answer period.

[Optional, if hosting a bilingual session] The presentation will be delivered in English and French. Simultaneous interpretation is provided. You can select the language of your choice by [indicate how participants can have access to simultaneous interpretation].

We recommend turning off other streaming services or unused browser tabs to dedicate all your bandwidth to this virtual session.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please write to us in the chat area and someone from our production team will be able to help you.

I am pleased to facilitate this session with support from [moderator].

[Moderator], do you mind speaking further about how our participants can submit questions?

Spoken by moderator: Question and answer instructions (approximately 2 minutes)

Thank you, [MC]. We invite you to submit your questions anytime during the session by [indicate how participants can pose questions].

[Optional, if hosting a bilingual session] Of course, we welcome your questions in either English or French.

Your questions are important to us! We encourage you to send them our way and we will answer them during the question and answer period.

We might not be able to answer all questions relating to individual circumstances; however, we will do our best to share what we do know.

After the event, we will send links to web pages and helpful resources where you can stay apprised of information as it evolves.

Without further delay, we will now turn to [speaker] who will be delivering today’s presentation. Over to you, [speaker].

Speaker delivers presentation (approximately 15 minutes)

[Presentation on vaccine authorization, safety, efficacy and rollout. Also opportunity to show videos that answer key questions about the COVID-19 vaccines.]

Spoken by moderator: Question and answer period (approximately 40 minutes)

Thank you, [speaker] for sharing this information with us. We will now begin the question and answer period with [speaker] who is also joined by [speaker, title and organization].

Facilitate questions and answers: (moderator to manage time).

[Moderator] to start posing questions, one at a time, to [speaker].

If time permits, [moderator] to pose additional questions to [speaker].

Moderator to end this portion by asking speaker if they have any final reflections (optional)

Thank you, [speaker], this has been a very informative presentation. I would now like to turn it over to [MC] to close today’s event.

Closing remarks

Spoken by MC: Closing remarks (approximately 5 minutes)

This brings us to the conclusion of today’s session.

Thank you very much, [speaker], for your time today, and for your leadership in providing public health direction and information on COVID-19 vaccination.

A special thank you to our partners [placeholder] for your collaboration in making this event happen.

I would also like to thank [moderator]for supporting today’s event.

Finally, thank you everyone for participating. We hope the information provided was insightful and answered some of your questions.

You will receive a follow-up email with additional resources that you may share with your networks, and your friends and family.

We invite you to take a moment to complete a short evaluation questionnaire to help us improve this information session. We have posted the link to the questionnaire in the chat area. This questionnaire will also be sent to you by email.

Before we end today, I would like to remind everyone of the call to action to become ambassadors of COVID-19 vaccination and public health measures that [speaker] so eloquently offered in their presentation.

We all play a pivotal role in ensuring we get back to the things we love. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay connected everyone. Goodbye.

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