COVID-19 proof of vaccination in Canada

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Get your proof of vaccination

Choose your province or territory

Select your province or territory to find out how to get or download an updated version of your COVID-19 proof of vaccination.


To get it:

  • go to the Alberta COVID Records portal
  • complete the form to get your proof of vaccination

Alberta: Proof of vaccination

British Columbia

To get it:

  • log in to your Health Gateway account
  • save or print your federal COVID-19 proof of vaccination
  • you can also request it by phone or visit a Service BC office

British Columbia: Proof of vaccination


To get it:

  • go to Manitoba's immunization card portal
  • request the Pan-Canadian Proof of Vaccination Credential

Manitoba: Proof of vaccination

New Brunswick

To get it:

  • go to the New Brunswick MyHealthNB portal
  • log in to your existing account or create an account
  • select 'View Immunizations' to access, download and print your proof

If you cannot access MyHealthNB, you can still use your provincial proof of vaccination (Record of COVID-19 Immunization).

New Brunswick: Proof of vaccination

Newfoundland and Labrador

To get it:

  • go to Newfoundland and Labrador's portal and click on 'View Immunizations'
  • download the Vaccination Record

Newfoundland and Labrador: Proof of vaccination

Northwest Territories

To get it:

  • go to the Northwest Territories' self-serve COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Credential request form
  • enter your vaccination details and other details
    • once completed, you can download your digital proof of vaccination

Northwest Territories: Proof of vaccination

Nova Scotia

To get it:

  • go to the Nova Scotia COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination portal
  • enter your provincial health card number and your email
    • your proof will be emailed to you

Nova Scotia: Proof of vaccination


To get it:

  • call your local health centre, Iqaluit Public Health, or Qikiqtani General Hospital
  • schedule a time to pick up your proof of vaccination certificate in person

Nunavut: Proof of vaccination


To get it:

  • go to Ontario's COVID-19 vaccination portal
  • enter your health card number
  • download your enhanced vaccine certificate

Ontario: Proof of vaccination

Prince Edward Island

To get it:

  • go to the Prince Edward Island COVID-19 Immunization Record website
  • get your immunization record (also called the PEI Vax Pass) from the My COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Portal

Prince Edward Island: Proof of vaccination


The COVID-19 proof of vaccination is no longer available in Quebec. To get a copy of your vaccination information, you must submit a request to the Quebec Vaccination Registry.

Quebec: Proof of vaccination


To get it:

  • access your Saskatchewan account
  • look for your COVID-19 vaccine record
    • you can print it, download it, store it in the SK Vax Wallet app or view it on your mobile device

Saskatchewan: Proof of vaccination


To get it:

  • go to Yukon's website
  • apply online or by phone for your COVID-19 vaccine credential

Yukon: Proof of vaccination

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces

Contact your nearest Canadian Armed Forces Health Services Centre for more information on the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination.

About Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination

The Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination is a secure and reliable way to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccination history when you travel outside of Canada. It's meant to simplify and help with border processing abroad.

This proof:

The Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination is available across Canada, though your province or territory may call it by a different name. For instance, it's also referred to as the 'pan-Canadian', 'standardized' or 'travel' proof of vaccination.

Some provinces may still issue a separate provincial COVID-19 proof of vaccination with a QR (quick response) code in addition to the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination. However, you should only use the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination when you travel internationally.

It's recommended to download a recent version of your COVID-19 proof of vaccination prior to your departure outside of Canada. Once you get your Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination, you can access it:

If you were vaccinated outside of your province or territory, you may register your vaccination records with your home province or territory. Check with your province or territory to see what steps to take before trying to access your proof.

Protecting your privacy

The Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination shows only a record of your vaccination status. It doesn't expose any of your other health data. The management of your health data is the responsibility of your province, territory or Indigenous organization.

The only medical information contained in this document is related to your COVID-19 vaccination history. It doesn't contain your health card number, so it can't be used:

If you travel, you may need to present your:

Your name and date of birth may be checked against your other ID, such as your passport or status card.

Your proof of vaccination and your passport or status card are separate documents and aren't digitally connected.

Travel outside Canada

Outside of Canada, you may need a proof of vaccination to enter another country, board a plane or train, or participate in some activities. Before you travel to another country, be sure to check their vaccine requirements and restrictions.

However, your proof does not guarantee entry to another country. The destination country decides whether or not to accept your proof of vaccination. Other countries set their own requirements for entry at their borders.

If you do not meet the country's vaccination requirements, you may:

The Government of Canada doesn't provide assistance to change travel plans that would be affected by public health measures associated with COVID-19. Such changes would be at your own expense.

Learn more about:

Travel within Canada

As of October 1, 2022, proof of vaccination is no longer required to enter Canada, or board a plane or train in Canada. This applies to travel within Canada and flights or trains leaving Canada.

If you have problems using your proof

If you're outside of Canada and are having difficulty using your proof of vaccination, you can visit your province or territory's website.

Download an updated version of your COVID-19 proof of vaccination

If that doesn't solve your issue, you can contact the Public Health Agency of Canada for information using the options below:

The hours of operation for these numbers are 8 am to 8 pm ET, Monday to Friday. Lines are closed on statutory holidays.

Call centre agents won't be able to access your proof of vaccination.

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