Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge: Overview and funding recipients

This Call for Proposals is currently closed. The following is for information purposes only.

Visit the Immunization Partnership Fund for additional projects being funded to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence and uptake across Canada.

The Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge recognizes that community-driven initiatives are fundamental to fostering confidence in vaccination.

Current projects

The Public Health Agency of Canada has invested $485,000 to support 38 community-based projects through the Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge.

Of these projects, 7 will each receive $25,000 and 31 others will each receive $10,000.
Investments through the challenge are one way that we‘re helping to build and maintain vaccine confidence in Canada. The projects funded through this initiative support organizations that work directly with:

Organization Project title Project description Funding amount
African Society for Culture, Economic Development and Arts

Straight Talk: COVID and Our People – Lets Boost Up!

The project connects Black African communities across Alberta through community programming. The project hosts a series of 6 online recorded COVID-19 panel conversations on topics such as:

  • boosters
  • vaccine hesitancy
  • accessing accurate information
Brampton Focus Community Media INC.

The project aims to increase vaccination in the Peel region through video updates on healthcare and public health initiatives. $25,000
Indian Society of Calgary Boosting fight against COVID-19: A booster shot for life

The project creates a series of educative and interactive online videos that:

  • dispel myths
  • discuss the importance of COVID-19 vaccination
  • highlight the benefits of public health measures
Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre Unidos The project aims to remove barriers that cause low vaccine uptake through a community-driven information and support campaign tailored to Spanish-speaking communities in Northwest Toronto. $25,000
Seven Oaks School Division Together we can do this - 2nd chapter This multilingual Winnipeg-based project works with community leaders to help provide relevant and culturally appropriate COVID-19 vaccine information to new residents of Canada and Indigenous families. $25,000
South Asian Canadians Health and Social Services Understand COVID Vaccine

The project tailors and distributes culturally relevant multilingual messaging about COVID-19 vaccines through:

  • ethnic media
  • religious channels
  • social media influencers

The project also uses workshops, brochures, and video and audio ads.

Vernon and District Immigrant and Community Services Society

North Okanagan Newcomer Community Vaccine Booster Campaign

The project uses short videos with evidence-based messaging to build awareness and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines among newcomers in Canada. The project is designed and delivered in partnership with:

  • social media influencers
  • Interior Health Authority
  • Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Society
Access Alliance - Multicultural Community Health Centre Boosting the uptakes of booster vaccines through multilingual Community Health Ambassadors

The project aims to:

  • increase access to booster vaccines
  • reinforce public health measures on social media platforms in a relatable way
  • make it easier to share multilingual vaccine information among hard-to-reach newcomer populations

African Communities of Manitoba (Africa Pavilion) Inc.

We Belong - Vaccine Booster Advocate Project The project aims to educate, engage and mobilize community leaders to promote the importance of COVID-19 booster shots within the African and Black communities in Manitoba. $10,000
Afrique au Féminin Campagne de promotion de la dose de rappel du vaccin contre la COVID-19 auprès des Ainés immigrants allophones. The project aims to break down the language barrier to encourage immigrant Montreal seniors who speak neither French nor English to get their booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. $10,000
Alberta International Medical Graduates Association Booster Shots Matter! A collaborative multilingual response for increased uptake among ethnic communities in Alberta The project aims to promote confidence in COVID-19 boosters by creating multilingual social media videos for newcomers from all cultures and age groups. $10,000
Aspire for Higher Elite Basketball

Get Back in the Game, Part 2

The project aims to increase confidence in COVID-19 boosters in Black and racialized communities in Brampton by providing vaccine information and resources through trusted community members. $10,000

Bangladeshi-Canadian Community Services (BCS)

Get the booster to boost your immunity and uphold social responsibility The project aims to communicate the importance of staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccines among parents, youth, adults and seniors in racialized and newcomer communities. $10,000
Brain Injury Canada / Lésion cérébrale Canada Accessibility Enabled: Providing Clarity and Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines and Boosters for the Brain Injury Community The project aims to deliver a targeted and accessible vaccine education campaign for people with cognitive impairments. The initiative works with provincial brain injury associations to provide clear, accessible and engaging evidence-based information on COVID-19 boosters. $10,000
Canadian Latin Heritage Association V Together - (change the B for V)

The project aims to provide information about the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines including booster doses to the Latin American communities in:

  • Peel
  • Halton
  • Niagara Region
  • the Greater Toronto Area

Canadian Lebanese Academic Forum (CLAF)

Let Us Bust The Myth That COVID-19 Booster Shots are Unneeded!

The project aims to raise awareness of the importance of staying up to date on your COVID-19 vaccines in the Lebanese communities of Montreal and surrounding areas. Messages will be shared using methods including infographics, culturally relevant videos, brochures, and social media. $10,000
Centre for New Immigrant Well-Being Let vaccine protect you and your loved ones The project aims to reduce vaccine hesitancy within the Chinese communities in the Greater Toronto Area with the use of online interactive tools and a targeted education campaign. $10,000
Council of Agencies Serving South Asians Why should I get a(nother) booster dose this year? The project aims to inform South Asian communities in Canada about the importance of staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. The project will use social media and ethnic media platforms to provide culturally sensitive, evidence-based information to target audiences. $10,000
Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines Knowledge in your Language, Vaccine in your Arms The project aims to combat vaccine hesitancy among newcomer populations in Niagara using culturally appropriate multimedia and educational tools. $10,000
Global Village Centre Health Literacy for Newcomers

The project aims to inform newcomers in Southeastern Alberta of the importance of staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccines and booster doses, using:

  • social media
  • community TV
  • trusted messengers

Hassan Ouali

La COVID-19: pour en finir! The project aims to raise awareness among religious leaders (mosque imams) and community center workers in Montreal about the importance of the booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. $10,000
Healthy Muslim Families Inc. Protecting Newcomer Muslim Community through Booster shots The project aims to increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and boosters within the Winnipeg Muslim communities by providing accurate information and resources. $10,000
Healthy Start, Healthy Futures Inc. Information for Parents to Keep Kids Healthy

The project aims to help keep children safe and healthy during respiratory illness season by communicating the importance of:

  • public health measures
  • staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccines
Latincouver Cultural and Business Society Comunidades Informadas un Canadá más Saludable - Informed Communities, Healthy Canadians

The project aims to promote confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and boosters in Latin American communities in Canada by providing vaccine:

  • education
  • promotion
  • outreach activities
Les volontaires de la sensibilisation et de l'action humanitaire Amélioration de la 1ère campagne de promotion dans la confiance des vaccins : Deuxième (2er tour) The project aims to build trust in COVID-19 vaccines among immigrant and English-speaking communities in the Estrie region, by promoting the importance and necessity of booster doses, providing targeted information, and improving access to vaccination sites. $10,000
LetsStopAids HeyCOVID19 Booster The project aims to use and expand the HeyCOVID19 online platform to encourage youth and their families to stay up to date with get their COVID-19 boosters. The initiative works with volunteers and ambassadors who are members of racialized communities. $10,000
MPC Foundation Book n' Boost

The project aims to:

  • address vaccine hesitancy among vulnerable immigrant seniors in the Calgary North and Northeast region
  • communicate the importance of staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccines and boosters

The initiative uses culturally sensitive and senior-friendly strategies.

North York General Hospital

Peers and Professionals: Vaccine Support in the Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese Communities in North York

The project aims to increase confidence in COVID-19 boosters in Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese-speaking newcomer senior groups in North York. It does so by:

  • developing community ambassadors
  • creating and sharing language-specific and culturally appropriate information materials
Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre We Can Do It: WeChat for Vaccine Booster The project aims to use the WeChat platform to increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines within the Chinese communities. It will provide culturally relevant interventions and strategies that promote individual health choices. $10,000
Scarborough Cares Community Network Inc. Booster with Bhangra The project aims to promote confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and boosters in the racialized newcomer population in Scarborough. It will communicate the importance of staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccines and booster doses. $10,000
St. James Town Family Literacy Services Boost St. James Town

The project aims to promote confidence in COVID-19 boosters and address barriers to access experienced by newcomers living in:

  • St. James Town
  • the surrounding area in downtown Toronto
The Immigrant Education Society (Ties)

Vaccination - Protecting You and Your Community

The project aims to work with childcare centres in Calgary and the surrounding area. It will communicate the importance of staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccines and boosters to newcomer populations. $10,000
The Iscream If you're a man, get vaccinated The project aims to use the power of Canadian music to create a video campaign. It will encourage racialized men from 18 to 60 years old to stay up to date on their COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. $10,000

TNO - The Neighbourhood Organization

Our community matters. Let's protect it together! The project aims to increase uptake of COVID-19 boosters in low-income, racialized communities in Toronto. $10,000
Tracy Wanyama

Break the chain – get your booster

The project aims to increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and boosters in Black and racialized communities in the Greater Toronto Area through culturally relevant messaging. $10,000
United Cultures of Canada Association Boosting Vaccine Confidence in Ethnic Communities

The project aims to promote confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and boosters to these communities in and around Edmonton:

  • Refugees
  • Immigrants
  • Racialized groups

The project will deliver targeted, informed, culturally relevant messaging through channels that they most frequently use and trust.

Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration Targeted Social Media: promoting the importance of COVID-19 booster shots among South Asian Canadians

The project aims to promote confidence in COVID-19 vaccines in Canada's South Asian communities by:

  • sparking intergenerational conversations
  • generating quality, informed, compelling, shareable content
Vietnamese Association, Toronto Bivalent Covid-19 and You

The project aims to communicate the importance of staying up to date on COVID-19 vaccines to underserved Vietnamese communities in the Greater Toronto Area. It will provide:

  • support to improve access to vaccines
  • information on booster doses in languages spoken by these communities

Completed projects: 2021 to 2022

Congratulations to the Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice Society! They are the Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge grand prize winner for their “Physician on a Mission” project.

The Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge encouraged individuals and/or groups across Canada to help promote vaccine confidence in their communities. We invited organizations across Canada to submit their community-driven information proposals for creative and innovative projects that engaged diverse audiences. The response was overwhelming and we received 299 applications.

We selected 20 finalists who received $25,000 to create and implement their projects. An expert panel assessed the finalists and determined the $100,000 grand prize winner. Additionally, 113 other funding recipients received smaller funding amounts of $5,000 or $10,000.

The following funding recipients for the Vaccine Community Innovation Challenge were selected based on recommendations by an expert panel.

Organization Project title Project description Funding amount
Abilities Centre Finalist
The Vaccine is for YOU, ME and WE
This project will leverage the Centre’s comprehensive, multi-sectoral approach to accessibility and inclusion to develop and disseminate videos with representatives from different disability communities to speak to the benefits of vaccination. The videos will highlight relevant accessibility features of the various vaccination sites, building confidence in the vaccination process by reducing barriers for persons with disabilities. $25,000
African Society for Culture, Economic Development and Arts Finalist
Straight Talk – COVID and our People
This project will expand on the African Society for Culture, Economic Development and Arts’ COVID-19 Community Panel Conversations to disseminate accurate COVID-19 information and encourage adherence to public health measures. Communities can participate in posting pictures or videos of themselves after having received the COVID-19 vaccine through a picture and video challenge that will harness the power of social media and community engagement. $25,000
Brampton Focus Community Media Inc. Finalist
This project will promote confidence in vaccination, public health compliance and equitable health outcomes by reaching low-income residents, Black and racialized residents, immigrants, non-permanent residents and residents living in high infection areas. This will be done through community-generated content using video, social media and community collaboration. The campaign will work with diverse communities to multiply vaccine confidence messaging organically and virally. $25,000
University of Toronto Finalist
Use of Innovative Health Design to Improve Peer to Peer Dialogue on COVID Vaccines – The Button Project
The Button Project recognizes the important role that health care workers play in enhancing vaccine confidence. Dr. Shobana Ananth, a Clinical Lecturer at University of Toronto’s Department of Family and Community Medicine, working with Inner City Health Associates, will devise a uniquely designed QR code-containing button that vaccinated health care workers working within shelter systems can wear. This button will improve dialogue on the COVID-19 vaccines and facilitate access to evidence-based information in shelter settings. $25,000
Fraser Northwest Division of Family Practice Winner
Physician on a Mission
This project will leverage trust in family physicians by working with ethnic communities in the greater Vancouver region. Videos will be created by physicians from different ethnic backgrounds and will be delivered in multiple languages. Social media will be used to share messaging with a broad audience. The campaign will partner with MOSAIC, a multilingual non-profit organization dedicated to addressing issues that affect immigrants and refugees in the course of their settlement and integration into Canadian society.


Inclusion Nova Scotia Society Finalist
Inclusion NS – I did it! I’m vaccinated.
This project will focus on encouraging people with intellectual disabilities to get vaccinated through video and print material featuring people with intellectual disabilities receiving their vaccination.  Community members will be featured and encouraged to share their own stories of getting vaccinated. The organization, which works to promote full inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities in communities, will collaborate with Dalhousie Adult Development Clinic and the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services to ensure a wide reach. $25,000
Indigenous Friends Association Finalist
COVID-19 Indigenous Digital Community App Project
Through this project, the Indigenous Friends Association will design and develop a COVID-19 Indigenous Digital Community App to increase access to information about COVID-19 for urban Indigenous peoples living in Ontario. Designed by and for Indigenous peoples, the app will provide a culturally sensitive, safe digital space for users to connect, share resources and encourage community vaccination and compliance with public health measures.  $25,000
Indian Society of Calgary Finalist
Increasing COVID-19 vaccine uptake and improving adherence to public health measures in the Indian and South Asian community in Canada
Using a community engagement model, this project will develop a series of videos raising awareness of the benefits of vaccine uptake, busting myths, and highlighting the significance of complying with public health measures. These videos will feature semi-structured discussions with community members as well as feature the stories of COVID-19 patients and their families. Videos will be available through online resources used by the community. Community leaders, influencers, and local ethnic radio will also be used to reach target audiences.  $25,000
The Jane Finch Community and Family Centre Finalist
WADA Vaccine Awareness Campaign
This project will enhance vaccine confidence through knowledge sharing, relationship building, community engagement and collaboration. The WADA (“together” in Somali) campaign will focus on working with the Somali community, including community leaders and organizations, in North-West Toronto in an attempt to remove barriers that cause vaccine hesitancy and improve vaccine confidence. $25,000
missINFORMED Finalist
"I Got Vaccinated” Campaign
This project will develop an online portal on missINFORMED’s website, leverage social media, host workshops with primary care providers, and deliver educational material to high school students and teachers. The organization hopes to initiate a “ripple effect” of information-sharing on vaccination against COVID-19. $25,000
Northern Native Broadcasting Finalist
Protecting Each Other Now for a Better Tomorrow
This multi-layered project will feature people of different genders, ages and Nations in Central and Northern B.C.  Using testimonials from trusted voices in First Nations communities, the project will stress that through vaccination people will be able to safely see their friends and family again.  The campaign will feature Elders from different Nations sharing the benefits of the vaccine via radio, video and social media in Indigenous and English languages. Youth Indigenous Vaccine Ambassadors will also reach their communities via popular social media. $25,000
Ontario College of Art and Design University Finalist
Solid Black! Vaccin8 for the Culture
This grassroots project will see community engagement challenges and the integration of culturally relevant methods of communication (art, storytelling, dance and fashion), and the training of youth ambassadors to deliver the pro-vaccination messages in languages predominant in the community. The project is a collaboration between Solid Black, a collective of Black faculty members from the Ontario College of Art and Design, and the Jamaican Canadian Association to promote vaccine literacy and confidence while promoting Black culture in the Greater Toronto Area Black community. $25,000
Options Community Services Society Finalist
Every Shot Matters
For this project, Options Community Services Society will collaborate with the Fraser Health Authority and regional partners to increase vaccine through language-specific, culturally-sensitive outreach and messaging online and in-person.  This will include collaborating with faith-based organizations, local congregation sites and businesses, and community radio to help support vaccine confidence in the community. $25,000
Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation Finalist
Sagamok Chooses Fun over Frustration!
The Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation proposes to use humour by using trusted messengers to reach its tight knit, semi remote community to disseminate information and influence behaviour. They will partner with Indigenous comedians and motivational speakers who are household names in the community to help reduce vaccine hesitancy. To this community, humour and laughter are the best way to defeat vaccine scepticism. $25,000
Seven Oaks School Division Finalist
Together we can do this!
This project will utilize media, including video, posters, images, and social media content in a variety of languages to reach new Canadian immigrant and Indigenous families who may be left out of, or not reached by, traditional public health messaging. The Division will leverage its social media presence to amplify its messaging. The campaign will work with stakeholders that include spiritual leaders, elected officials, public health educators, school community and social service providers to promote evidence based messaging. $25,000
South Asian Canadians Health and Social Services Finalist
Multimedium Messaging in Mother Languages for Vaccine Confidence in Canadians of South Asian Origin
This project, based in Peel Region (Ontario), will tailor and distribute messaging about vaccine safety and effectiveness through religious places, ethnic media, and social media influencers for Canadians of South Asian origin. The organization aims to build a healthy community by empowering community members by helping with health and social programs for the promotion of education and poverty elimination. The target audience will be reached through webinars, brochures and video and audio advertisements. $25,000
Vernon and District Immigrant and Community Services Society Finalist
North Okanagan Newcomer Community Vaccine Campaign
This project will comprise short videos featuring newcomers and evidence-based messaging to build awareness and confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine among the newcomer population. The campaign will be designed and delivered in partnership with the Interior Health Authority and the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre Society, alongside social media influencers. $25,000
Women of Colour Community Leadership Initiative Inc. Finalist
Women of Colour Grassroots Vaccine Campaign: Art as Our Voice
This project will use cartoons to encourage newcomers to get vaccinated. With the help of a well-known cartoonist in the city, the Initiative plans to produce a comics-based campaign that can be understood and enjoyed by people of all languages and backgrounds. The campaign will use a mix of traditional and new media to reach its target audience by leveraging the organization’s ties to numerous ethno-cultural communities. $25,000
YMCA of Greater Toronto Finalist
What’s your Y?
This project will use a multi-faceted vaccination confidence campaign. What’s Your Y will highlight members and community partners through the creation of a channel for them to communicate their reason why vaccinations are important. $25,000
Yukon Aboriginal Women’s Council Finalist
Protecting Yukon’s Health
This project will build trust in relationships with Indigenous women and gender-diverse people by providing cultural reassurance about taking the COVID-19 vaccine through the creation of a micro-website that showcases testimonials in traditional languages of Indigenous Elders in their communities. The project will be carried out with leadership and guidance from First Nations Elders across Yukon and Northern British Columbia. $25,000
Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary Urban Indigenous Immunization Clinic The project will promote and support vaccination clinics and counter misinformation to lessen vaccine hesitancy. $10,000
Healthy Muslim Families Inc. Saving Lives in the Newcomer Muslim Community through Vaccination The project will dispel myths and misinformation, reduce hesitancy and increase confidence in COVID-19 vaccinations using local networks, key community influencers and social media. $10,000
The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) Be Confident, Stay Safe, Get Vaccinated The project will run a COVID-19 community vaccination awareness campaign to replace COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy with COVID-19 vaccine confidence. The project will use online first-language information sessions to improve vaccine literacy and address the most common questions about COVID-19 vaccination. $10,000
Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) Project Beacon – Communicating COVID-19 vaccines to newcomers The project will develop a series of digital tools that will relay vital information on the vaccination process and support understanding and COVID-19 vaccine uptake among immigrants in Nova Scotia. $5,000
Winnipeg Metis Association Inc. #VMAflowerchain The project will challenge Métis citizens to generate a chain of videos with inspirational and motivational messages about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, while passing a beaded flower pin, a symbol of the Métis, from one Métis citizen to another. The organization will select four winners for their own community challenge. $5,000
Multicultural Council of Windsor & Essex County A World of Reasons The project will launch a campaign with professionally produced, impactful promotional videos featuring cultural and community leaders sharing their “reason” for getting vaccinated and a call to action for residents to share their own reasons for getting vaccinated.   $10,000
Association for the Alberta Network of Immigrant Women Community Engagement during and beyond COVID-19 The project will communicate credible post-vaccination do’s and don’ts as well as provide clarification on the available COVID-19 vaccines in Canada through handouts distributed to South Asian grocery and retail stores, ethnic newspapers and local radio. $5,000
Maritime Wave Association Know Your Vaccine The project will create raw and informative outreach media content, including graphics and video, to be disseminated online and through social media, that promotes vaccine confidence. $10,000
Rural Development Network Society This is My Shot This project will implement a social media challenge that encourages rural youth, aged 16+ to show themselves getting their vaccine or following COVID-19 public health measures in a photo and tagging it with #myshotcovid and answering This is My Shot to… to be entered to win one of three prizes. $5,000
PHA Public Health Association of British Columbia Kids Boost Immunity This project will improve basic vaccine literacy and reduce vaccine hesitancy through a series of online lessons, videos, and quizzes linked to school curriculum in science, health, and social studies. $5,000
Lighthouse of Cape Breton (Undercurrent Youth Centre) I love my This project will engage and assist youth to create short videos for TikTok and other social media platforms, outlining why they are getting the COVID-19 vaccine using the theme “I love my _____”. $5,000
Armenian Family Support Services Inc. Promoting COVID-19 Vaccination This project will explain the COVID-19 vaccination benefits in clear, brief and simple language, build confidence in the vaccine, and reinforce COVID-19 prevention measures through digital messaging and animation on multiple media platforms. $5,000
St. James Town Family Literacy Services Vaccinate St. James Town This project will use existing programming to help reduce barriers to COVID-19 vaccination and communicate how vaccination is a community benefit as much as an individual benefit. $10,000
Kairos Development Mission (Ontario) VacciNation – Way to go! Rid Country of COVID-19 and Stay Safe This project will provide culturally-appropriate, accurate information about COVID-19 to counteract misinformation on social and media platforms about COVID-19 immunization and to reduce hesitancy towards immunization through community leaders including health professionals and church leaders, using in-person activities as well as traditional and digital media platforms. $5,000
Hassan Ouali Une campagne de sensibilisation à l’importance de se vacciner contre la COVID-19 auprés de la communauté musulmane vivant dans la région de Montréal This project includes a video capsule sent by children to their parents and their community on the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19, as well as training for religious leaders to lead a conference or workshop co-hosted with social workers, community or local public health for residents of the community. $10,000
Pediatric Urgent Care Inc. COVID Immunity Protects our Community
The project will address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy by hosting a series of mini-interviews by a local social media influencer, asking citizens if they have been vaccinated or if they intend to be vaccinated, while addressing misinformation with scientific facts. $5,000
MABELLEarts Mabelle Community Heroes The project will build on the MABELLEpantry initiative, and train local residents to be ambassadors who have chosen COVID-19 vaccination. These ambassadors will share positive messages about how getting vaccinated protects the community, answer questions using valid information and provide translation where necessary. $10,000
Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation Don’t Hesitate, just VACCINATE!!! The project will help community members be more confident in getting vaccinated against COVID-19 by providing evidence-based and culturally sensitive information about vaccines, their safety and efficacy through community events, at community gatherings and through local radio. $10,000
Scarborough Cares Community Network Inc. Mr. VacSingh, the vaccinator! The project will create a short, interactive animated movie with sub-titles and background voiceovers in various languages to deliver a message promoting COVID-19 vaccination. The main character, Mr. VacSingh, will represent all the approved COVID-19 vaccines and deliver short, entertaining and powerful messages encouraging the community to get vaccinated. $10,000
New Brunswick Multicultural Council Inc. Newcomer Vaccine Awareness Campaign The project will address issues of vaccine hesitancy in different communities, the challenges of accessing complex medical information and support access to health and vaccination services through existing newcomer networks, direct e-mail, and social media. $5,000
Hamilton Public Library Board Book your shot. We can help. The project will share evidence-based messages connecting safety and the health of loved ones, and medical staff who have safely taken the COVID-19 vaccine through a variety of campaign material including print, broadcast and social media as well as Library branded materials. $10,000
The Iscream (Ontario) Looking Forward The project proposes a song-writing contest run on TikTok and Instagram in which musicians create a ten-second song/melody with the positive benefit of being vaccinated and use the context hashtag to share their creation. Winning songs will be used as part of a video campaign to promote public health actions to protect against COVID-19. $10,000
Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council (Ontario) 6 reasons to get vaccinated against COVID-19 The project proposes a multimedia campaign for radio, social media and print media to motivate Spanish speakers living in Canada to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect themselves and their loved ones. $5,000
African Canadian Association of Ottawa Once We Are Vaccinated The project will bring awareness, acceptance, confidence in, and action to the COVID-19 vaccine campaign by showcasing Black health care workers and members of the community as spokespersons to educate the community. $5,000
B’nai Brith National Organization of Canada COVID-19 – Education and Vaccination The project will create a focused communication program that highlights the need for all residents to continue to take the necessary precautions to stay safe, avoid the spread of COVID-19 and encourage everyone to register for the COVID-19 vaccination. $5,000
Iranian Canadian Teens Club (ICTC) Vaccine Saves My Life The project will implement behavioural influence and communication strategies through online or in-person workshops to raise awareness on the importance of vaccination, guide participants to overcome obstacles that prevent inclusion in vaccination programs and increase vaccine uptake. $5,000
Regroupement de leadership et de bien-être pour Afro-Canadiens d’Alberta (in French only) Un vaccin pour une vie The project includes a campaign to increase resilience and promote confidence in COVID-19 vaccination. The organization’s website, social networks, text messages and distribution of printed materials are among the means of communication proposed for the campaign. $10,000
Living Space North Against Poverty Mobile Outreach Support Team - MOST The project will combine a robust social media strategy and in-person community outreach to share public health information and first accounts of why following public health guidance and being vaccinated is the “MOST” important thing a person can do to protect against COVID-19. $5,000
Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines The Knowledge in You Language, The Vaccine in Your Arm The project will leverage the expertise of Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals to deliver vaccine education through social media, including short videos, to reach newcomers to Canada in their first languages. $10,000
Renato Justin Guidolin Choose to Protect The project will distribute typography art with bold colour palettes online, on social media and in the community to communicate strong images and messages promoting public health measures to protect against COVID-19 and encourage COVID-19 vaccination. $5,000
Council of Agencies Serving South Asians Got My Teeka: Increasing Vaccine Confidence and Uptake among South Asian Communities Disproportionately Affected by COVID-19 in Canada The project will centre their campaign on the word “teeka”, which translates to “injection/vaccination” and is broadly understood by South Asians across linguistic groups. “Got my Teeka” will be promoted through social media and “Got my Teeka” stickers will be distributed at vaccination sites. $10,000
Mosakahiken Cree Nation Vaccines for MCN The project will provide community members with additional information and lead discussions regarding areas of concern and misinformation or misunderstandings about COVID-19 vaccination. $5,000
Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth COVID Vaccine Indigenous Animated Video and AR App The project will develop and distribute a one-minute animated video that discusses vaccine safety and adherence to public health measures. $10,000
Centre for New Immigrant Well-Being Let COVID-19 Vaccine Protect Us and Our Communities The project proposes working with Chinese-Canadian partners, volunteers, media and influential leaders and developing campaign materials for various platforms to reach community members who may be less inclined to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and to address vaccine hesitancy. $10,000
Afrique au Féminin Campagne de promotion et de conception multilingue de la vaccination contre la COVID-19 des Aînés immigrants allophones The project will implement an awareness and promotion campaign regarding intentions and confidence in COVID-19 vaccination. A leaflet, an audio-visual message and a door-to-door registration campaign are among the activities of the campaign. $10,000
Centre de santé communautaire Hamilton-Niagara Inc. VaccineNation, VaccineAction The project seeks to answer the question - why should I get vaccinated? The campaign will aim to communicate the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 through clear, affordable, relevant and uninhibited information through virtual information sessions, video clips and a media campaign. $5,000
Tools of Empowerment for Success (T.O.E.F.S) Let’s Give It A Shot! The project will consult with community members to design and implement an interactive community-wide campaign that tackles vaccine hesitancy and promotes on-going compliance to public health measures through social media platforms, distribution of print materials and word-of-mouth. $10,000
Denesh Peramakumar Youth Vaccine Advocates The project proposes virtual high school classroom visits to engage students in a COVID-19 vaccine advocacy training program while at the same time inspire youth to purse an interest in public health beyond the campaign. $5,000
Michael Ondieki Auntie wa Harrier The project will use WhatsApp to share culturally safe public health messaging and information on vaccination in various formats through Auntie wa Harrier, modelled on how each family has an aunt that is always the most informed and knows best. $5,000
REP Here in Canada You and the Vaccine The project will implement a campaign comprised of a town hall led by community leaders and health professionals, and print and digital media to address vaccine hesitancy and knowledge gaps regarding COVID-19 vaccines and the COVID-19 Immunization Plan for British Columbia. $10,000
Brain Injury Canada
Accessibility Enabled: Providing vaccine education for individuals with acquired brain injury The project will give access to accessible and evidence-based information to increase health literacy, improve knowledge, decision-making and confidence in COVID-19 vaccines. $10,000
Matthew J McLaughlin It’s not roll up the rim, it’s roll up to WIN! The project will use a tongue-in-cheek humour and 1990s infomercial style video and print campaign to communicate vaccine messaging and help to eliminate vaccine hesitancy.  $5,000
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Ready For My Shot The project will build on existing work to address health inequity related to vaccine priorities for people with developmental disabilities by using creative, plain language, visually appealing human-interest stories through social media platforms and print materials to communicate messaging about vaccine confidence and compliance with public health measures. $5,000
The African Communities of Manitoba (Africa Pavilion) Inc. ACOMI “40 Community Champions” Project The project will use multiple communications channels to mobilize, motivate and build the capacity of 40 community leaders to serve as vaccine advocates in three urban and rural communities. The campaign will use print, social media and in-person activities to communicate messaging to encourage vaccine confidence. $10,000
North York General Hospital   Peers and Professionals: Vaccine Support in the Russian and FilipinX Communities in North York The project will use community ambassadors who are currently peers in the Healthy at Home programs to make personal phone calls to residents in their first language to provide information on COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccine information will also be distributed through community health professionals and at community events. $10,000
TNO - The Neighbourhood Organization Our community matters. Let’s protect it together! The project, in collaboration with partners in health care, will offer clear, consistent and accurate messaging about COVID-19 vaccines and access vaccination clinics through trusted messengers through materials distributed by community ambassadors. $10,000
Praveenah Sivabalan Vaccines for All Initiative The project comprises a team of individuals that will focus on leveraging technology, social media and community partnership to increase awareness and contribute to increased vaccination rates for COVID-19 within the project’s target population. $5,000
National Association of Friendship Centres (Ontario) In Friendship: Take Action in COVID The project will initiate a podcast to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines available in Canada, hosting recognizable Indigenous medical professionals and community leaders involved with the Friendship Centre Movement. $10,000
Uzima Women Relief Group International Increasing Participation of Black Communities in Toronto in COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake The project will use a variety of channels, including print materials, digital and social media to engage Black Canadians in the vaccine rollout process and encourage vaccine confidence. $5,000
Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration (British Columbia) South Asian Community Vaccine Confidence The project proposes a national social media campaign focused on reaching intergenerational South Asian audiences, featuring
Dr. Birinder Narang, using viral video, social media influencers and social media engagement.
United Cultures of Canada Association Safe Together Bringing Ethnic Communities Together for an Effective COVID Vaccine Promotion Strategy The project will deliver vaccine messaging through trusted and known community channels including social media and print materials distributed in the community and through local media partners. $10,000
Alberta International Medical Graduates Association Vaccination Matters! Let’s End COVID: A Collaborative Community Response The project will encourage and support the organization’s clients – families, youth, seniors, essential workers, internationally trained physicians – to create videos and social media content that will capture the attention of newcomer communities and cultures and encourage all Canadians to get vaccinated. Other activities such as podcasts, communicating messaging through existing support lines and in-person events may be developed. $10,000
Six Nations of the Grand River #Vaccinate6Nay The project will launch a social media vaccine confidence campaign highlighting the experiences of community members who have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 and providing information to make the process of getting vaccinated less daunting. $5,000
The Jasmine House Syrian Newcomer Pandemic Safety Campaign The project will promote access to evidence-based information about COVID-19 vaccination through social media, deliver dialogue training sessions to promote engagement with health professionals and distribute printed material in community settings. $5,000
Toronto Metropolitan University Vax and Snax: Increasing vaccine confidence and uptake among Toronto’s underhoused communities The project will work with the Sherbourne Health mobile health unit as well as local advocates to offer information on and promote vaccination against COVID-19, while providing additional services such as food and meals. $5,000
Northwest Metis Council Inc. #Jiggingbacktogether The project will borrow upon the recent surge of culturally relevant, social media based dance campaigns, featuring Métis musical talent, to provide social media messaging on COVID-19 vaccination. $5,000
University of Saskatchewan Aunty’s Challenge The project will leverage the role and respected positions Aunties hold in Métis culture to promote this challenge. Campaign activities will promote video footage of Métis women (Aunties) receiving their COVID-19 vaccine to encourage others to do the same. $5,000
Concordia University of Edmonton Alberta Youth COVID-19 VacciNATION Campaign The project will host COVID-19 vaccine information webinars for post-secondary students from diverse backgrounds, and develop and disseminate digital materials online and on social media platforms. $5,000
Fraser Health Authority Boosting Vaccine Confidence in Fraser Health’s South Asian Community The project will deliver clear, targeted vaccine education content through video shared on social media, through email distribution and with faith leaders, to increase COVID-19 vaccine confidence. $5,000
Piapot First Nation COVID-19 Vaccine: Educating Our People The project will develop a communications campaign featuring community members as actors in short videos/skits, and on digital and print materials, communicating how to protect oneself from COVID-19 and the importance of being vaccinated.  $5,000
The Students Commission of Canada #CanadaWeWant Vaccination Campaign The project will engage Black and Indigenous youth leaders to design a traditional and social media campaign that includes products and messages that promote equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and reduce vaccine hesitancy. $5,000
Chief Sunrise Education Centre Get Vaccinated! The future looks good! The project will engage the community’s youth voice through video on social media, student drawn posters and information sent home to deliver messaging about COVID-19 and vaccination. $10,000
Sumas First Nation #CommunityNationVaccination The project will use short film interviews with youth and Elders, art and cultural teachings to share the importance of vaccination through social media and the community newsletter. $5,000
Les Volontaires de la Sensibilisation et de l’Action Humanitaire (in French only) Défi de l’innovation communautaire des vaccins The project consists of a campaign to promote the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines by the target community and to perpetuate compliance with public health measures through printed and digital information media, information delivered by word of mouth and the involvement of opinion leaders and religious leaders. $10,000
Canadian Support Workers Association Vaccine Confidence and Information Campaign The project will use social media to provide access to infectious diseases experts, health officials and government officials through virtual information sessions on COVID-19 vaccination and information using the organization’s web platform. $5,000
Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association COVID-19 - Immune Calgary The project will promote vaccine confidence and uptake of COVID-19 vaccination by engaging target community members to take leadership in developing and implementing their own customized micro-campaign, which could include social media, community information sessions, cold calls to community members and interviews with ethno-cultural specific radio programs. $5,000
Métis Nation of Ontario #MetisVacciNation: Healing from Within The project will highlight the important role of COVID-19 vaccination within the Métis Nation by developing and disseminating culturally-specific curated content such as storytelling, through multiple platforms. $10,000
MPC Foundation Say YES to the VAX! The project will use a multimedia approach to deliver positive messages to educate and encourage vaccination against COVID-19 through short videos by trusted health professionals from the community. $10,000
Aspire for Higher Elite Basketball Get Back to the Game The project will work with partners to develop an educational social media campaign to increase COVID-19 vaccine confidence and educate on the research behind the vaccine. The campaign will highlight trusted local community leaders to share their experience and reasons for vaccination. $10,000
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation Family and Community Wellness Centre Inc. Ekitapatamak Kititheminanahk: Protecting Our People The project will attempt to reach every community member wherever they are (at home, workplace, recreation) with evidence-based COVID-19 vaccine information communicated in Cree language. $10,000
Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society South Asian Youth Vaccine Commitment Project The project will engage youth community members to develop and distribute high-impact COVID-19 vaccination messaging through a social media campaign and through local ethnic television programs. $10,000
Carrefour de ressources en interculturel (in French only) Ambassadrices 2.0 The project aims to train twelve women of diverse origins who are already influencers in their communities and on social networks to create content and videos with messages regarding COVID-19. $10,000
The Governors of the University of Calgary Cybermentor Community Arts Collaboration COVID Communication Campaign The project will engage Indigenous community youth in meaningful dialogue about COVID-19 vaccine confidence, culminating in a public art project. $10,000
Latincouver Cultural & Business Society (British Columbia) Estamos juntos – Understanding how to overcome the pandemic with COVID-19 Vaccinations The project will conduct interviews and engage with followers on social media, conduct round-tables to discuss COVID-19 vaccination challenges, and reach out to the senior community through online platforms. $10,000
Russell Sun Youth Vaccine-Nation: A proposal for an Ontario-based vaccine education programme The project will provide evidence-based information in youth handbooks and lessons to address factors relating to vaccine hesitation and ultimately, encourage increased uptake of COVID-19 vaccines amongst youth and their families. $5,000
Canadian Latin Heritage Association V Together The project will use the “V” symbol of victory to raise awareness of COVID-19 vaccination through a variety of means including print, social and traditional media and through a new website. $10,000
Sikh Health Foundation COVID-19 South Asian Vaccine Confidence Initiative The project will create a social media campaign that shares culturally relevant COVID-19 vaccine information, host virtual events/Q and A sessions and host public health promotion events at places of worship and community centres. $10,000
Bangladeshi-Canadian Community Services (BCS) For You. For Them. Get Vaccinated. The project will encourage eligible persons to get vaccinated for themselves and their family through consistent messages, appealing illustrations, and simple design through volunteers, using print and social media. $10,000
The University of Regina Countering Vaccine Hesitancy The project will use framing theory and cognitive science to design and disseminate messages tailored to targeted audiences, combining gain frames (positive) and loss frames (negative) for social media, an online platform and through information webinars. $5,000
Access Alliance – Multicultural Community Health Centre Building vaccine confidence in newcomer languages through newcomer messengers: the medium is the message The project will launch a social marketing campaign in key newcomer languages on various social media platforms, driven by existing community ambassadors, to share stories related to COVID-19 vaccination and interact with target audiences. $10,000
Tracy Wanyama Improving Vaccine Uptake in Marginalized Communities: Help break the chain, get your COVID-19 VACCINE The project will leverage the Black Canadian community’s healthcare professionals, faith leaders, organizers of socio-cultural events and volunteers to communicate about COVID-19 vaccines through social media and online webinars, at key community locations and through door-to-door conversations and other activities.  $10,000
Noah Smith Have a Talk Campaign The project will seek to empower and motivate young adults to engage in conversations about COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine hesitancy through videos and shareables on social media.
The Canadian Lebanese Academic Forum (CLAF) (Quebec) Let Us Bust The Myth That COVID-19 Is A Challenge The project will use infographics and culturally-sensitive videos on social media and community radio to communicate correct information about COVID-19 to increase confidence in vaccination and continued compliance with public health measures. $10,000
LetsStopAIDS (Ontario) HeyCOVID 19 2.0 The project will expand the existing platform to reach Canadian audiences to deliver and encourage sharing of simple, easy to understand, accurate/timely and downloadable COVID-19 messaging related to vaccine hesitancy and compliance for COVID-19 safety measures. $10,000
Vietnamese Association, Toronto KNOCK DOWN COVID-19 The project will create an easy-to-read website, call line and run an online marketing campaign #knockdowncovid with information on COVID-19, scaled to underserved immigrant communities and audiences. $10,000
Julia Berkers Together We Can The project will carry out a social media campaign about the importance of being vaccinated in multiple languages, reaching out to influencers, local charities and ethnic media to extend the campaign’s reach. $10,000
Linda Sullivan One Lump Or Two: Afternoon Tea and Talk The project proposes creating a weekly virtual space where seniors and caregivers can join an online Afternoon Tea and Talk series during which information on COVID-19 vaccines will be provided. $5,000
McMaster University Public Health for the Twitch Generation The project will provide an online platform to complement platforms used by youth, including Discord, Twitch and Instagram, using language and engagement opportunities that make them part of the conversation about COVID-19 vaccines and public health measures.  $5,000
Jada Beck Our home, Our health, Our people The project will connect with well-known and respected Elders in the community to communicate online and through social media about Indigenous health and COVID-19 vaccination through imagery and inspirational quotes. The campaign would be promoted in high traffic community locations. $10,000
Overcomer Community Development Center (Ontario) Defeat the Pandemic Campaign (DTPC) The project will seek to reach community members through various communications channels include print media, volunteers to address COVID-19 vaccination needs and share information. $5,000
Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning / McGill University WeCanVax The project will implement a national social media campaign, including a social media poster campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence, and circulate a petition to advocate for stricter social media regulation with an accuracy nudge, with a focus on fighting misinformation with facts. $10,000
Living Positive Resource Centre, Okanagan Let’s Get to the Point The project will launch a social media campaign, hold discussion/education sessions and distribute posters and pamphlets in community locations to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and improve COVID-19 outcomes. $10,000
Jamaica Association of Montreal Inc. Bridging the Gap, Safe Spaces, Putting Things into Historical Context, Community-Centre Dialogue, Advertising a Dedicated Phone and Text Number The project will create safe spaces to engage in community-centre dialogues and conversations on COVID-19 vaccines. Well-known and respected community influencers and personalities from a variety of sectors will assist the campaign. A dedicated phone line for information is proposed. $5,000
Calgary Animated Objects Society Nakoda AV Club: Get Vaccinated The project will engage Indigenous youth filmmakers to create micro-short social media video public service announcements using humour, typical relationships, locations and happenings in the community, to spread positivity about getting vaccinated against COVID-19. $5,000
Bangladesh Centre and Community Services (BCCS) COVID-19 Vaccine Promotion Campaign for Bengali and South Asian Communities in East Scarborough (Taylor Creek, Massey, Thorncliffe) The project will help to improve COVID-19 vaccine confidence through clear, evidence-based, targeted and culturally-sensitive messaging through the BCCS online and social media platforms, as well as virtual community meetings. $5,000
Global Village Centre Staying Healthy: The Path to Community Wellness The project will engage Elders, faith leaders, community leaders and health professionals to promote COVID-19 vaccine acceptance through taped messages distributed through social media. $10,000
Yemen Canadian Community #YallaJab The project will produce a skit video and leverage the slogan #YallaJab to unite, educate and encourage members of the Arab-Canadian community to learn about COVID-19 vaccines and their duty to protect loved ones. $10,000
Coastal Research, Education and Advocacy Network Society For Us, About Us: A Vaccine Literacy Campaign The project will use infographics, a short video, social media posts and webinars to promote medical literacy, counter misinformation and be responsive to the ways that youth use the internet. $5,000
Frontline Community Centre (Ontario) #WhyVaccinate The project will collect information from local town hall meetings with the Tamil and South Asian community to help build an online social media campaign with videos and images answering the question #WhyVaccinate. $5,000
Ken Bighetty (Manitoba) Chief Talks to the World About Vaccines The project will use the Chief, a puppet, to communicate online and through social media about COVID-19 information in a humorous and engaging manner. $5,000
Pria Nippak Increasing COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in South Asian Adults Aged 18 and Older The project will survey South Asian populations on vaccine hesitancy, and use the findings to create targeted messaging to encourage increased vaccine uptake. Messages will be communicated through flyers, public service announcements and social media. $5,000
Sourav Arora Multilingual Vaccine Awareness Movement The project is a partnership of individuals that will break down language barriers surrounding COVID-19 vaccine awareness and education by creating safe spaces to share testimonials through discussions on radio, social and print media and by distributing posters in the community. $5,000
Initiative accès aux soins Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance Community Outreach The project proposes an e-health-centre COVID-19 vaccine literacy app, promoted through community leaders, promotional events, and through local media to help people receive evidence-based information on the COVID-19 vaccine from credible sources. $5,000
Sujane Kandasamy South Asian Youth as Vaccine Agents of Change (SAY-VAC) The project is a digital media campaign that will create evidence-based videos to address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and will collaborate with digitally savvy youth ambassadors to act as agents of change and foster dialogue within their communities. $10,000
Somali Canada Women and Children Association
Overcoming Vaccine Hesitancy: Building Resilience in immigrant communities The project will provide newcomers, refugees and immigrants with accurate and culturally sensitive information about COVID-19 vaccines through the co-design of brochures, flyers, videos, and workshops with community members. $10,000
Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre We Can Do It: WeChat for Vaccine Confidence The project will leverage WeChat to reach Chinese-speaking newcomers with reliable and accurate health information, including the promotion of online workshops and resources about COVID-19 vaccines. $10,000
12697548 Canada Inc.
Covid-19 & Vaccination Communication Campaign for First Nations by First Nations communities The project will encourage positive health behaviours among First Nations community members through storytelling, personal testimonials, and interviews with community leaders and role models, including Knowledge Keepers, Elders, Medicine Women, and First Nations health practitioners. $10,000
Healthy Start, Healthy Futures Inc.
Addressing New Parents Vaccine Hesitancy The project will promote community and family safety through easy-to-understand videos, infographics and blog posts in multiple languages. $10,000
Mustafa Tahir The “Be a Hero” Campaign The project will decrease COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and increase compliance with public health measures through branding involving characters outfitted as superheroes. By choosing to get vaccinated, everyone can be a hero. $5,000
Solid State Community Society Cookout Conversations: Vaccine Hesitancy and the Black Community The project is led by a group of Black youth from Sudanese, Ugandan and Somali families committed to countering misinformation through information videos, interviews, Q and A sessions, infographics and posters distributed via social media. $5,000
South Riverdale Community Health Centre Vaccine Confidence Influencer Campaign The project will work in partnership with a young Black-led production company to develop a series of engaging viral videos and images, public education posters for print and digital use, to promote COVID-19 vaccine confidence. $5,000
Sharon K Malhi
Chirag Chopra
Rajeshwar Lally
Apni Vaccine The project is led by a team of undergraduate students who will mitigate distrust by showcasing a wide variety of South Asian professionals involved in COVID-19 vaccination efforts. Through a photo opportunity outside vaccination sites, the increased visibility of vaccinated relatives, neighbors and friends will increase vaccine confidence. $5,000
Between Two Worlds Tackling Vaccine Hesitancy among Latin American Population in the Ottawa-Gatineau region The project will organize Zoom meetings to discuss and answer questions about COVID-19 vaccination. Participants will be recruited through social media, community networks and word of mouth. $10,000

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