Elder Abuse E-Bulletin June 2011

In this issue - Highlighting the FEAI’s Key Accomplishments

The Federal Elder Abuse Initiative (FEAI) was created in 2008 to help seniors and Canadians recognize the signs and symptoms of elder abuse, and raise awareness of where to get help. As the FEAI ended March 31, 2011, this represents the final Elder Abuse E-Bulletin. This edition features articles highlighting the FEAI’s key accomplishments over the past three years.

Learn about new tools and resources, as well as upcoming events. Check out some of the FEAI's key accomplishments across Canada and in our feature articles.

Feature Articles

  • National event showcases promising elder abuse prevention and intervention approaches (read more …)
  • Nip Ageism in the Bud – Check out a new curriculum that engages children in building intergenerational capacity!. (read more …)
  • It’s Not Right! New, dynamic public education resource (read more …)
  • WEAAD Teen Kit helps teen leaders shine! (read more …)
  • New Tools and Resources help service providers overcome challenging legal and ethical dilemmas (read more …)

Across Canada

Key Dates and Events

Learn about upcoming days, conferences, and events in your area (read more …)

The Elder Abuse E-Bulletin is provided as an information-sharing service; inclusion of any or all content may not represent the view endorsed by the Public Health Agency of Canada or Federal Elder Abuse Initiative member departments.

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