ARCHIVED - 2010-2011 Management Accountability Framework: Management Response


Appendix 1 – Highlights of the Public Health Agency of Canada's Progress

Area of Management (AoM) Key steps taken
  • * Senior management at PHAC selected AoMs 7, 8, 9, 12, and 15 as Round IX priorities for short-term and longer-term improvement, since these functions are critical to our mandate.

AoM 1-Values and Ethics (V&E)

1. Improved the layout of the V&E intranet site to increase information accessibility.

2. Delivered a new Dialogue on V&E Workshop to more than 215 Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) employees and managers from May to mid-September 2011.

3. Integrated V&E as a key commitment in 2011-12 Executive Performance Management Agreements.

AoM 4-Citizen-focused Service

1. Created a leadership committee responsible for reviewing this subject, including Management Accountability Framework (MAF) Round VIII feedback.

AoM 5-Internal Audit

2. Ensured that all MAF Round VIII feedback is being addressed.

AoM 6-Evaluation

3. Continued to implement the new centralized model for the evaluation function (complete staffing) to ensure adequate capacity within Evaluation Services to conduct high-quality evaluations.

4. Continued to create and implement standard processes and tools, along with a professional development program.

Priority AoM 7-Financial Management and ControlFootnote *

5. Added forecasting accuracy (within 4% of the November forecast) to performance objectives of all EXs in PHAC (our P9 forecast variance last year was 0.1%).

6. Initiated development of a plan to achieve compliance with the Policy on Internal Control—building on work done by Health Canada to identify and manage key financial risks.

Priority AoM 8-Management of SecurityFootnote *

1. Finalized our Departmental Security Policy (currently at executive approval level).

2. Accelerated the development of our draft Departmental Security Plan which, with our executive-approved Departmental Security Plan Critical Path (Workplan), will be shared with Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) officials in November 2011.

3. Initiated threat and risk assessments at our labs (the Departmental Security Plan will identify how many others must be done).

Priority AoM 9-Risk ManagementFootnote *

1. Updated the Corporate Risk Profile (CRP) to better reflect the public health risks that PHAC is mandated to address in the areas of infectious diseases, chronic diseases and emergency management.

2. Established an ADM-led committee to provide oversight to risk initiatives, including an improved approach to risk management that better positions the CRP as a driver for PHAC planning and priorities.

AoM 10-People Management

1. Developed Resourcing & Recruitment Priorities 2011-2013, approved by senior management in March 2011 (including recruiting procedure checklists).

2. Developed and implemented a PHAC Staffing Monitoring Framework, including a staffing monitoring directive and a staffing monitoring program.

3. Introduced a process to facilitate the review and approval of all staffing actions across the Agency by PHAC’s new Workforce Management Committee.

Priority AoM 12-Information ManagementFootnote *

1. Finalized PHAC’s Email Management Directive, as well as our departmental IM policy; it is intended that they will be adopted by end of year.

2. Continued Records Documents and Information Management System deployment.

AoM 14-Asset Management

1. Initiated drafting of a Real Property Management Framework and accompanying policies, standards and guidelines.

2. Selected an inventory management system to be adopted for 2012-13 to enable desired modifications in the operations of PHAC’s National Emergency Stockpile System.

Priority AoM 15-Investment Planning and Project ManagementFootnote *

1. Developed PHAC’s first Investment Plan, which is on track for submission to TBS in compliance with the March 31, 2012, requirement for TBS approval.

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